How To Highlight & Contour

As lately I haven’t been experimenting more and more with make up and specifically with the whole “highlight & contour” thing. I used to be afraid of this method in fear that I’d end up looking like Kim Kardashian, but with practice I’ve mastered a technique that works for me. Check out how I achieve the flawless glow in the video below.


Video Here


Fresh Start// Lemon Water


Each morning I start my day with a refreshing glass of lemon water. Not only does this help me to wake up, it also helps to jumpstart the metabolism & detoxify the body. Lemon water keeps my skin & body clear. I’m planning to do a full post/video on my updated skincare regimen this week.

Do you drink lemon water?

Evolution: New Year + New Goals for 2015!

Better late than never right?… After some serious thought, re-focusing and meditation is back! Sometimes you have to take a step away from something to really see the full plan. I’ve re-aligned my goals and my visions for 2015. I feel ready…to conquer, explore, grow and evolve. I can feel a shift and I’m excited to bring you all with me! Thanks for all your support thus far. Catch up with my latest where abouts here:

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New Beginnings!

New Beginnings!

Have you all missed me? I sure have missed you all…Your girl has been bussssy and although I’m fighting sleep to write this post right now I know that it’s only fair to update all you ladies (& gents) who have stuck with me on this journey.

If you are following me via IG you probably know I am the official assistant beauty editor for!


Check out my first here   In addition to that I am a contributor over at and with that being said  I will be taking a much need break from blogging at . All of the old posts will stay here during the changes for your reading pleasure, but dedicating myself to three huge projects and a 9 to 5 is a struggle. Not to mention the hectic schedule I have now. From fashion shows, beauty events and meetings… Things are finally unfolding, but it’s a balancing act for sure.IMG_1313So let’s look at this as a “see you soon” type of thing… Trust me sewingstardom is still going to be here just bigger, better and more in line with the vision when we return. To keep up with me check out my posts over at since I will be posting regularly there, 4chairchick and youtube which I will still be updating weekly. Follow my IG which I update daily if you are interested in keeping up what events I’m attending, daily outfits, beauty products I’m loving and my natural hair styles. IMG_1369IMG_1365Keep in touch and make sure you follow me on social sites.

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Thank you all for rocking with me and I am looking forward to showing you all the changes we’re working on! Cheers, to new beginnings!

Style & Beauty// Wedding Inspiration

Style & Beauty// Wedding Inspiration

Summer is slowing whining down :(. It has truly gone by way too fast. However, it’s a bittersweet moment for me since I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m not too sad about it’s departure. From festivals, BBQ’s, concerts, beach trips & picnics, it’s been great!( I’ll do a recap post soon) To cap off this beautiful summer my best friend is getting married on Sunday.

In preparation for her wedding I have been on pinterest trying to find the perfect accessories, hair style and shoes for my bridesmaid dress. This is the dress, but the color I’m wearing is canary yellow.

In the midst of my search I realized that some of you ladies can probably benefit from my inspiration board if you are attending a wedding this summer. Although ya girl is not getting married any time soon…and I mean NO TIME SOON lol.( long story) I did enjoy looking at these pictures of beautiful brides and wedding parties. Check out my inspiration down below.

Loving the afros!!!

Hair Inspiration:Romance and simplicity…

Loose Curls with lots of body!

Makeup Inspiration: This is a no brainer! It’s going to be hot, so I’m sticking to a natural and dewy look. Luckily, I have finally mastered my “Natural Makeup Routine”. See video below.
Check out my natural makeup routine here 

Might throw on a bold pink lip for a pop of color! Werk Ms.Sanna Lathan


Are any of your ladies preparing for a wedding this season? If so, what looks have inspired you? 
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Beauty// Everyday Natural Makeup Routine(Tutorial)

Beauty// Everyday Natural Makeup Routine(Tutorial)

Check out my “Everyday Natural Makeup Routine”. I usually don’t wear a full face of makeup, but when I do this is what it looks like. Enjoy 🙂

Products Used:
Foundation- black opal stick beautiful bronze.

Concealer- Elf studio complete coverage palette in dark

Powder-black radiance pressed powder in rich mahogany

Highlight powder- maybelline dream sun bronzer in glow

Highlight and tear duct eyeshadow-elf studio bronzer in warm bronzer

Brow cream- wet & wild fergie eyeliner in coco Riche Blush- NYX mocha

Mascara- forever 21 lash duo

 Eyeliner- ruby kisses liquid liner

Lipstick- NYX Maision

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Hey guys, “SewingStardom” is having it’s first meet-up! Mark your calendars, because you’ve just been invited to …



On August 16th, 2014 we will be getting together in Paterson, NJ for a day picnic filled with positive vibes, games, product swapping and good times. So bring a friend, your favorite picnic blanket and good energy. EVERYONE IS WELCOMED! This not a natural hair meet-up.

We plan to have a double dutch contest, giveaways, games and much more!

RSVP Here… Did I mention it’s FREE. So come out and hang with us 🙂

Creative Project//$oft Ghetto

Creative Project//$oft Ghetto

This pass weekend myself and few of my very good friends(Cec, OJ & Ches) got together to do a creative project called “$oft Ghetto”. Check out the full spread here.

Find us on IG 

Photography @juiceflow

Hair/Makeup @naturallyceci

Model @spirit_goddess

Stylist & Creative Director( Myself) @sewingstardom

High Class X Hood

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Beauty// ​5 Reasons You Should Start Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been a staple product in my household growing up as a child. I remember one day my mom bought home two huge bottles just for my sister and I to use as moisturizers. Back then it seems crazy, now I totally understand what mom was doing. (Thanks mom lol).

(My Favorite Brand)

Keep reading to learn more about this amazing oil and five important reasons why you should incorporate it into your beauty regimen.

1. Promotes Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Loss:
For a few years now I’ve been using extra virgin oil everyday on my scalp, my hair and especially my ends. This oil is perfect for mixing with your favorite deep conditioner or for using it alone. One of the most shocking benefits of olive oil is that it can prevent and even cure hair loss. When people lose hair, it is due to a hormone responsible for the shrinkage of the hair follicle shaft. However, the production of that hormone, called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), is hampered when olive oil is applied to the scalp.

2. Facial + Body Moisturizer :
Skip the body lotion and get your self a bottle of EVOO. This oil Is light enough to use daily as a moisturizer after you cleanse your face/body. However, it’s moisturizing qualities will help even your skin tone and give you a natural glow.

3. Protects Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays : olive oil is packed with antioxidants, the body’s built-in defense against free radicals, molecules that become damaged by sun exposure among other environmental hazards. Free radicals damage healthy cells, which can lead to cancerous tumor formation. They can also lead to a loss of collagen and elastin, two things in your skin that keep you looking young, as well, making olive oil a good choice in the battle against cancer and fighting the effects of premature aging.

4. Makeup Remover:
This light weight oil is a great way to remove makeup. I love using it to get rid of stubborn eye makeup. Using it with a cotton ball is a great way to remove black liner, eyeshadow or mascara without drying out the delicate skin around the eyes.

5. Sealing Your Natural Hair: EVOO is great for locking in moisture after you cowash or deep condition. Using a quarter sized amount on sectioned wet hair will help promote shine, enhance softness and keep your hair hydrated long after you leave the shower.

What are some of your favorite oils and how do you use them?

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Natural Hair// All About Co-Washing

Natural Hair// All About Co-Washing

Hey ladies, This week’s reader question is from Anya via FB.

Reader Question: I’ve been contemplating on whether I should begin co-washing weekly and washing my hair with shampoo at the end of the month. Have you ever had any benefits or a good experience with co-washing?

My Response:

Do you have any tips for Anya?

Submit your questions here

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