#GRWM Summer Brunch


Casual, simple and cute would describe Sunday’s brunch outfit with the #LBS Team.


We headed to the a laid back spot in Montclair, NJ called TOAST. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect for a humid sunday afternoon.


Click here to see the video and for outfit details!

Sincerely, Fatima


Style & Beauty// Wedding Inspiration

Style & Beauty// Wedding Inspiration

Summer is slowing whining down :(. It has truly gone by way too fast. However, it’s a bittersweet moment for me since I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m not too sad about it’s departure. From festivals, BBQ’s, concerts, beach trips & picnics, it’s been great!( I’ll do a recap post soon) To cap off this beautiful summer my best friend is getting married on Sunday.

In preparation for her wedding I have been on pinterest trying to find the perfect accessories, hair style and shoes for my bridesmaid dress. This is the dress, but the color I’m wearing is canary yellow.

In the midst of my search I realized that some of you ladies can probably benefit from my inspiration board if you are attending a wedding this summer. Although ya girl is not getting married any time soon…and I mean NO TIME SOON lol.( long story) I did enjoy looking at these pictures of beautiful brides and wedding parties. Check out my inspiration down below.

Loving the afros!!!

Hair Inspiration:Romance and simplicity…

Loose Curls with lots of body!

Makeup Inspiration: This is a no brainer! It’s going to be hot, so I’m sticking to a natural and dewy look. Luckily, I have finally mastered my “Natural Makeup Routine”. See video below.
Check out my natural makeup routine here 

Might throw on a bold pink lip for a pop of color! Werk Ms.Sanna Lathan


Are any of your ladies preparing for a wedding this season? If so, what looks have inspired you? 
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Style Lusting// Hair, Beauty and Fashion

Style Lusting// Hair, Beauty and Fashion

Happy Summer! Here’s a little Monday pick me up for you ladies who may be in a style rut. I’ve been so inspired to try something different with my natural hair and my style this summer. You may remember, a few weeks ago I lightened my bangs.  See that post here. However, I’m still itching for more. This past weekend I experimented with Bantu Knots, “Scary Spicy” edition. However, I’m thinking about going purple next week.

Check out a few of my favorite things that I’m currently lusting over!

 Iridescent…EVERYTHING, especially nailsc26e38ddd09d6c9f42e6727e6fc74523 tumblr_miur7snYdR1ro61zvo3_1280

Bantu Knots

04ee078dbe6b205c092c64ddcdd13b5f Vtumblr_lnmayvIImd1qlcpzoo1_500tumblr_n2lyrjaRsw1qcxz61o1_1280melanie-b-scary-spice-bantu-knots

 Melody Eshani Egyptian Lover Collection

10471946_789917837694277_62433925_a DONT_CARE_TOTE_BAG_1024x1024tumblr_n6k3ea2AlM1qzn8pto1_500tumblr_n6qc8856Fd1skg6hgo1_500

Braids & Baby Hair

…it’ just something about that baby hair.sH8oA6Z1

tumblr_n2gaf4ajC21srtcmbo1_1280 086016269954f4ec58c28f78b36d713atumblr_n72kdlS0lI1qzn8pto1_500

Bold Color

a2346e0e8b273a40afae30150c713570 kelis


Playful Bright Sneakers



large solange-puma-rainforest  Turban Wraps tumblr_meu8rrmGTg1rfc3kko1_500


I’m really looking forward to experimenting this summer. Make sure you follow me on IG @sewingstardom.

What are you currently lusting this summer?

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Style// Summer Office Style Tips

Style// Summer Office Style Tips

It’s been a long winter! I am beyond excited for this beautiful summer ahead of us. Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I feel refreshed and excited to get dressed each morning.

As some of you may know I work in a fashion showroom which is a “casual office” setting. 20140617-081248-29568130.jpgI have the luxury of dressing up or dressing down. However, most days I’m in such a rush I don’t have time to think too hard about my look. Here’s a few style tips that helps me look cute and catch my train on time. 20140617-081245-29565651.jpg

Check out my most recent OOTD for more style inspiration. 

1. Patterned dresses: These are a staple for me. They are so easy to just throw on and go. Adding a few pieces of jewelry and a colorful shoe is a great way to make it bold & fun. Pairing your dress with a blazer keeps the look office appropriate. 20140617-081249-29569202.jpg 20140617-081248-29568646.jpg

2. Flats: If you are a commuter like myself flats should be your best friend! NYC streets are not high heel friendly. Do yourself a favor and wear a pair of nude flats with your look. You can just change into your cute shoes once you reach the office.20140617-081247-29567231.jpg

3. Classic Accessories: I prefer to keep it simple with a gold watch, gold studs, good hoops, simple necklaces and a few stackable rings. These classic pieces looks great with every outfit. 20140617-081246-29566975.jpg

4. Layers: including cardigans, blazers, denim jackets and knit sweaters. Layering is a great way to keep up with the city weather which is usually cold in the morning and hot during the day. These basic pieces also add interest to your outfit.  20140617-081249-29569806.jpg


One of my favorite looks from last year. Learn more about this look here.

What are some of your summer style tips?

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Style// I’d Rather Be At Coachella

Style// I’d Rather Be At Coachella

Whenever April rolls around the first thing that pops into my head is Coachella! This weekend kicks off the festival, as excited as I am you would think I was going.

Okay, so how sick is this line up?

I went to coachella back in 2012 and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life. Unfortunately, I can’t make it this year, but I’ll be there in spirit. For all of those who are going for the first time… here’s a little style inspiration & few helpful tips to help you survive !

If I were going my outfits would looks something like this.

I have to try this nail design! 

For those who may not know…Coachella is a three day festival that takes place in the center of Indio,CA.  Which is a not just a desert, but one of the hottest place in the country! When I went in 2012 it was 100+ degrees every day! Without the items below I don’t think I would have made it lol. There were moments where I had to have “several seats” to keep from passing out. It was seriously so hot, but the experience was totally worth it! 

Coachella Survival Kit:

-Wear Sunscreen// No matter what color your skin is, we all need to protect it from the harmful sun rays
-Drink Water// I’m talking boat loads of it! Make sure you keep a bottle with you at all times incase you start to feel faint from heat exhaustion
-Flat Shoes// Although, our fave celebs like Chanel Iman…have been spotted wearing heels to festivals, DON’T BE THAT GIRL. You will be standing for hours, dancing, being pushed around at shows and your shoes will get ruined, not to mention the pain you will be in after a few hours for “trying to look cute”. My friends and I all wore flats and still managed to look cute each day. 536515_10150703219016806_1608701710_n

-Small Bag// As mentioned above, it will be hot and you will be standing for hours so pack light just carrying the essentials to the actual shows
– Positive Vibes// Most people at the festival will be friendly, however there are always a few sour apples that get crazy at the shows. Be prepared , but keep yourself in a positive mindset regardless of the foolishness you may bump into. 

 That’s it guys & gals, for more inspiration follow our pinterest. (link below)

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Comment below if you are going to coachella this year! What will you be packing? Until next time XOXO

Style// Spring Fashion Inspiration

Style// Spring Fashion Inspiration

Spring is in the air! Well, according to the calendar it is.  The temperature on the east coast is slowly rising and if you hadn’t noticed by my instagram, I am excited. I’ve been day – dreaming of warm weather, crop tops and sandals since September lol. Tomorrow mark’s the official first day of spring. I can’t wait to experiment with color this season. I’ve been in a fashion rut for the past couple of months.Hence, the lack of style post on the blog…please forgive me. I’ve literally been wearing the same sad pieces over and over. However, I have a good feeling this season will bring lots of inspiration. 

(sources 1,2,3,4,5,6)

One of our style favorites, Ms.Solange recent Harper Bazaar’s photo shoot was just the burst of inspiration I needed. Her love for vibrant color has inspired me to try some new things this season.solange-knowles-by-julia-noni-for-harpers-bazaar-21 One of them being BRIGHT,BOLD, CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES. From revo lens to extreme catty styles I am completely in love with these frames. They are the perfect accessory for any outfit!

Jasmine Rodriguez Of Vintage Vandalizm  always gets it right! 1a

Lupita’s Cat Eye readers are equally as fabulous! These would be perfect for the office.

In addition to Cat-Eyes, I’m very big on Revo Lens this season! Jules Sarinana of “Sincerely Jules” certainly knows how to rock a revo lens.

A big color for me this season is definitely going to be RED! 

I did a little shopping earlier this month and I really went a little over board with this color…blame Beyonce ! beyonce-red-ruffle-swimsuit

Check out some of my latest shopping picks in my latest youtube video!

What are some inspirational spring trends you are ready to try? 

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Fashion: "Fall Style With Summer Pieces"

Maxi skirts, midi dresses and short shorts were staples pieces for me this past summer, but they work well in the fall season too. Read below to see how to transition your favorite summer pieces into the fall season. 
Outfit Details 
Jacket:thrift $15 Sunglasses:thrift 1$ Dress: Aritzia $30
Scarf:H&M $10 Boots:H&M $35 Plaid Flannel: thrift $4
I bought the dress I am wearing over the summer at Aritzia. I found it on sale for $30.00. I love the causal look of the dress, the flattering fit and the sexy cut out detail on the back. Usually, I wouldn’t pay that price for something so simple, but I knew I would get good use out it.  
The key to styling your summer pieces into the fall is all about color, pattern and fit.
  Color: Pulling off the look is easiest with neutral colors
Pattern: Patterns should be muted. By “muted” I mean…You probably wouldn’t want to wear a LOUD dress covered in hot pink flowers in the middle of October… *rubs chin* well some people may, but I personally think  an abstract print would work best as the temperature begins to drop. 
Fit: When working your summer pieces in with your fall wardrobe it’s easiest to work with lose fitting or casual items. Avoiding body con/spandex material dress and skirts will probably be your best bet.
Depending on the color and pattern some may work. 
It really just depends on your personal style. 
I decided to pair my jersey knit dress with my black leather & suede booties that I recently purchased from H&M. 
The jacket I am wearing is originally from Forever 21, but I found it at my favorite thrift store for $15.00.
This army green jacket is the perfect piece that keeps this fitted dress from looking too sexy. 
Key Pieces: 
Over-sized Jackets
Knit Sweaters
Ankle Boots
Chunky Knit Scarf or Hat
*Layering is essential in making this look feel appropriate for the fall. It’s also going to keep you warm.
Try a bright knit hat like Taylor…
Casual Shoulder Bag (Satchel or Over the Shoulder) like the one Zoe is sporting below. 
Over Sized Sweatshirts work well over maxi dresses and shorts as well.
These tips work well with shorts too. Check out this style post from last year for more ideas. http://www.sewingstardom.com/2012/11/style-simple-pleasures.html
So ladies, how are you transitioning your summer pieces into the fall? 
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XOXO until next time.

Style:"Modern Day Clair Huxtable"

                    Click the images above to shop this look!
As of lately, I have been completely obsessed with Phylicia Rashad who is better know as “Clair Huxtable” from “The Cosby Show”. I remember being in love with everything about “Mrs.Huxtable.”
“The Inspiration”
Effortless, Stylish & Confident


From her flawless skin down to her perfectly tousled tresses. She was gorgeous ! What I remember the most was her amazing style. Whether she was wearing a dress, suit or jeans… she always looked like the hottest “momma” I’d ever seen! Inspired by her style I recreated this modern version of some of her outfits.
“My Style”
After a trip to my local thrift shop, I pulled together this inexpensive look channeling the imfamous “Clair Huxtable” with a modern twist. I played with bold colors for a fresh look, but I kept her signature hair to add a timeless classic feel. I pulled the look together with fun vintage inspired jewelry pieces.
Let’s Talk Beauty
For a look this vibrant it’s best to keep the makeup to a minimal. I opted for a bright red lip, subtle cateye and lots of mascara.The rest of my face is very bare. Using a creme foundation for a flawless complexion and a matte bronzer, instead of blush to slightly contour my face. If you decide to wear blush with this look opt for shades or brown.
Let’s Talk Hair
To create volume with my recently pressed hair, I used my Caruso Steam Roller Set.
Surprisingly, this was 3 or 4 day old hair. I had literally been working out every day, wearing a bun while at work or the gym and when I took down my bun some how my curls that I created days ago were still in tact. Well, I won’t say curls…but, this wavy, messy, bouncy style works for me!
I think I may straighten my hair again just to get some more wear out of this awesome style and so I can record the process for you guys. Please comment below if this is something you guys are interested in.
Outfit Details:
Sweater: Thrift Store $6.99 
Silk Flannel: Thrift Store $5.99
Skirt: Easy Pickins $12.00
Shoes: Zara $59.99
Purse: Thrift Store $4.99
Earrings: Thrift Store $2.99
On Lips: Ruby Woo


For more info on thrift shopping 
Photos taken by: @juiceflow
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Fashion& Style: Consultant Services

IStyle: Image Consultant

Hey everyone, for years now I’ve been working at building my brand and lifestyle blog
SewingStardom.com.  Although, a lot of you appreciate my blog for the hair posts. Fashion is my main passion. I love helping and inspiring you guys through my hair and skincare tips but, ” SewingStardom is not just about beauty and hair care. With that being said  I am introducing a new sector of my blog called “SewingStardom Styles” As most of you know I have been working as a freelance stylist for the past 3 years. I’ve been building my portfolio and my clientele slowly, but surely.
From working on music videos with Nitty Scott, TV shows with Jane B. and creative shoots for various publications. I am always looking for new ways to build my brand.
“SewingStardom Styles” is all about taking my styling services to another level.
* If you are in the NYC/NJ area and in need of a stylist for a wedding, personal shopping, closet revamping, styling tips, a special occasion, a video shoot or any type of creative fashion photo shoot email me at sewingstardom@gmail.com for my rates.*
Stay tuned for the “SewingStardom Styles” feature on the blog. I have a lot in store and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.
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How To Wear: Neon Pumps

Spring has officially sprung! Time to pull out the open toe shoes, pumps and sandals. One of my favorite shoe trends this season is definitely, “Lucide Neon Pumps”. Here’s a few tips on how you can style your Lucide Pumps this season! 

1. If Your Style Is Simple
(or if you work in a creative office setting)
 Pairing this bold pump with a simple white linen shirt and tailor pants is an easy way to wear a trend without looking too “trendy”. Keep your accessories to a minimal. A nude lipstick would look best with this style.
2. If Your Style Is Simple With An Edge:
If you prefer an edgy flair, pair your neon pumps with a boxy leather white tank. Playing with texture instantly makes the outfit more interesting. A pair of white skinny jeans and gold statement piece jewelry add an extra element of edge. Adding ankle cuffs as seen in the “inspiration” picture can really make this simple all white outfit pop!

I love Melody Eshani’s X Jeremy Scott’s latest collection. The pieces in this collection are simple with the perfect amount of edge!”

3. If Your Style Is Funky 
If you love bold color and prints this look is for you! Pair your neon pumps with a cropped leopard print top and acid wash high waist jeans for a fashion forward look. 
This would look great with a neon orange bag and magenta lipstick. Add chunky gold jewelry and throw on your 50’s inspired cat frame sunglasses and your are ready to go! 

So ladies, would you rock these shoes? If so which style is your favorite?
I’m definitely, “Simple with an Edge”.
Shop these looks by clicking the links below the collage.
Leave your thoughts below!
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