#DearMe: A Special Note To My Younger Self


YouTube launched a campaign called #DearMe earlier this week. The purpose of this campaign is to help empowered and inspire women and girls of all ages. The campaign consisted of youtubers creating a video dedicated to their younger self. My dear friend Abena, made this moving video on her channel earlier this week and she tagged me.

#DearMe: A Special Note To My Younger Self 

Embrace Your Body: You Are Unique & Beautiful. Cherish your small boobs, big nose,dark skin, thick eyebrows and “nappy hair”.

It’s Okay To Be Quiet: There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. You don’t have to change to make others feel comfortable.

It Always Works Out: All your dreams and goals are possible. Keeping going, word hard and stop comparing yourself to your peers! Strive to be a better you, not a better version of “them”.


I tag all of you! What would you tell your younger self?


Evolution: New Year + New Goals for 2015!

Better late than never right?… After some serious thought, re-focusing and meditation SewingStardom.com is back! Sometimes you have to take a step away from something to really see the full plan. I’ve re-aligned my goals and my visions for 2015. I feel ready…to conquer, explore, grow and evolve. I can feel a shift and I’m excited to bring you all with me! Thanks for all your support thus far. Catch up with my latest where abouts here:

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Dream It, Live It// Imani O’Blige of Dirty Tuesday

Dream It, Live It// Imani O’Blige of Dirty Tuesday

Imani O’Blige  is the 23 year old  founder and CEO of online boutique, Dirty Tuesday. With third dimensional heritage of an ethnically diverse background, she was raised in the urban silhouette of Paterson, NJ. “

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“Take action and just do it. The internet, a random class, and seeking knowledge on the subject anywhere you can is a great starting point.”

 Dirty Tuesday is a transitioning online boutique that has expanded from a vintage chic style to a free spirited fashion house. With early beginnings of popular 80’s-90’s street wear, we now have an eccentric, earthy brand featuring up and coming designers from around the world!

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand…What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name “Dirty Tuesday“? 

“3 A.M.  I stumbled into my room, after what seemed like endless laughs with friends. Struck by the karma of stubborn laundry, I tripped in the darkness over a pile, landing face first on her cellular device. What a dreary Tuesday it was.EUREKA!Tuesday + Messy Room = Dirty Tuesday thus the journey began!”

 “The Dirty Tuesday brand is a mixture of eclectic pieces from international collections.”prints

Who is the Dirty Tuesday customer? “You can find her deep breathing in an early morning yoga class. Clearing her mind free of thoughts where the arts of basquiat inspire and Erykah badu is trying to save the world.Stylishly gallavanting in patterns from across the world. She’s something like an alien, this Dirty Tuesday girl.We aim to make the experience of our customer as personal a shopper can get. You can learn the moods of the creator by peeping the lookbook, or surfing the shop. Dirty Tuesday‘s blog will definitely peer you into the mind of this beautiful disaster.”

In your last collection you created pieces that were influenced by your meditation practice, how does this collection differ from the ones in the past?This new collection is not my own, but similar in my taste and style as to how the fabrics and the cut speaks.”

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces? “In the stillness is where I find it all.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset" I've had my doubts in the aspect of I was at a point where I didn't know where to go next with my brand or my life after transitioning through a major internal shift. Yet I made it through by being still, strengthening myself inside mentally and controlling my emotions"

How/why did you get into meditation? How often do you practice? “I began meditating because I had absolutely no control over thought at the time. Random non beneficial thought patterns would storm in, and I wanted them out! I practice everyday.”

What’s a typical day like for you?  “A typical day in the life of Founder and CEO of Dirty Tuesday goes as follows. eyes open, press play on positive affirmations, meditate, yoga, qigong (repeat at later time)shower/breakfast, knocking out scheduled duties from photo shoots, social media, pop up shops, emails, phone calls, meetings, gym, a walk in nature at several points (no matter the weather/ eh unless I’m snowed in) nap (recharge) studying some form of quantum physics or self help information/ancient texts , random dance class, wine tasting, or live show. silence.”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What’s your favorite piece in the collection and why?
“My favorite piece in the current collection ( not the newly to be relaunched one) is the Waxflower dress. Specifically because I made it and the pattern on it speaks to me as if it were something I would have worn in a past life. “
What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while launching your business? “The biggest challenge was fraud and personal setbacks that brought me to a place where I physically was incapable of running my business. Where prior to now I was working alone doing every aspect of the business myself. From marketing, finding fashion shows to be in, posting, styling, photographer, editor, graphic designer, manager, creative director. You name it, I did it.”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

” My grandfather owned several businesses growing up and he always told me there’s nothing like working for yourself. I took it as , it’s much better to create your own reality.”

What’s your least/ favorite part about self- employed? “There’s no one telling you what to do. ( which isn’t necessarily my least favorite part) but really staying on top of the progression of my company without criticizing myself when things don’t go as planned.”
Have you ever had any doubts or fears on this journey, if so how did you work through it?  “I’ve had my doubts in the aspect of I was at a point where I didn’t know where to go next with my brand or my life after transitioning through a major internal shift. Yet I made it through by being still, strengthening myself inside mentally and controlling my emotions. It works lol”
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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Imani several times in the past, she more of her work here.
Where can we find you? 
Instagram: @dirtytuesday
Facebook: Dirty Tuesday
Twitter: Dirty_Tuesday
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Dream It, Live It//Chelsey Smith Owner of King Me Hair

Dream It, Live It//Chelsey Smith Owner of King Me Hair

This week’s “Dream It, Live It Series” features a creative & driven young woman from New Orleans.

feature5Read below to learn more about how she quit her day job and started her own company, “King Me Hair” a line of extensions tailored to match naturally kinky/curly hair textures.

Name , Age, Background, Where are you from and occupation?

Chelsey Smith, 24, I am from New Orleans, LA. In 2012 I received my Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. After college, I worked in HR for 2 years, while getting my own business off the ground. Now I am currently self employed as the founder on King Me Hair.”

Going from corporate america to being self-employed is a big change!  How has the transition been so far?

“Crazy, Scary, Amazing and last but not least definitely a blessing! I thank God everyday for allowing me to realize my dreams so soon. It is a great journey to be on at such a tender age.”


What’s the hardest part of being a entrepreneur? What’s your favorite part ?

 “The hardest part is definitely time management. Balancing work life and personal life is hard. I find myself deeply involved with business dealings 24/7, sometimes I truly have to step back. My favorite part is being so in tuned and involved with my customers. I truly feel that my company has such a personal touch. I feel like I personally know all my customers, I learn about their hair woes and what they are trying to achieve. As a weave wearer I never received such personal service.”

How did you know that the corporate world wasn’t for you?

“I’ve known that as a child. I have never been happy with running someone else’s business dealings. Don’t get me wrong some people love corporate America and are striving to climb that ladder, power to them- everyone has their own dreams. I was always the type of young woman that wanted my own ladder. As a matter of fact I would try to build the ladder myself. I believe the one way I could be happy working for someone is to learn from them, for instance I hope to have my own hair care products. I would love to work within a hair care company to learn – but the end result will always be me working for myself. As long as God is always willing.”


How did your family & friends react when you told them you would be starting a business? 

“It was to be expected. I had been talking about it for so long, always running names by them and harassing them to listen to me and my ideas. Everyone was happy for me!”

Describe how King Me Hair came into existence & How did you come up with the name?

I’ve been wearing  extensions for years and lace wigs since 2007 before it was really big. I’ve always been into weave, as well as caring for and the length retention of natural hair. I noticed that I was doing crazy things to my hair to get it to match my weaves and the beauty supply Kinky hair wasn’t kinky enough.  My friends had the same issues, so I finally begin researching different vendors and understanding curly textures besides my mine. Luckily, all my friends have different hair types and I was pretty in tune with their hair too. So I started to test different types of hair until I found a vendor that I sent photos of natural hair and what I was looking for and we were able to recreate natural hair in braid, extension and lace wig from. As for the name “King Me Hair”, for weeks I had been tossing names around and finally I realized I wanted something unconventional. Natural hair is fierce and attention grabbing like the KING of the jungle. My hair embodied that fierceness. Whether you are natural, relaxed or transitioning, we want everyone to experience that fierceness, hence KING ME”

What’s your favorite product in the King Me Hair line? & why?

“I really cannot choose. I get this question so often. It’s really like asking a mother whose her favorite child lol. It’s like sometimes you might like one child more than the other, but you love them all equally. Ha, I can honestly say I love them all, it really depends on my mood and what look I’m going for.”

 Have you ever had feelings of doubt or fear along your journey? How did you get through it?

“Definitely, I think everyone that is self employed feels that heat, once the security blanket of your 9-5 is gone, it’s really hustle time. Fear, definitely comes into play but with these thoughts comes a lot of prayers and faith in a God that’s bigger than every closed door and every “No” you hear. My faith overshadows all.”


What other goals do you have aside from King Me Hair ?

“Outside of King Me Hair, I am definitely considering cosmetology school or a master’s degree program. My focus is to really be happy and build an empire for my future husband and family.”

For more info about Chelsey & to purchase the hair(shown above) check out the links below.

Website: http://kingmehair.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingmehair

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingMeHair

Instagram: http://instagram.com/kingmehair

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChelseyMariaa

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kingmehair/

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Wellness// 30 Day Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge

Wellness// 30 Day Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge

Cecily and I have decided to do a 30 Day Challenge  which means Clean Eating & Sticking to a Workout Regimen! This challenge is just a step toward living a healthier lifestyle. We are excited and looking forward to sharing our journey with you all. Feel free to join us over the next 30 days!

Since our goals are different, our regimens will be slightly different as well.  In the video below you can learn more details about the challenge, our personal goals, our grocery list, meal ideas and workout routines.

Rules: To Join Please Follow Our Instagram & Comment

(with the hastag below)


  1. Take a picture , write out goals, record your weight & measurements on Day 1
  2. Write out your meal plan & workout regimen for the next 30 days(see video for more details)
  3. Eat 3 clean meals each day
  4. Eat 2-3 healthy snacks per day
  5. Workout 5-6 days per week( @ least 30 mins cardio & 30 mins strength training)
  6. Drink only water(infused water, honey & lemon), tea and fresh juice/smoothies
  7. Optional: one “cheat snack” per week
  8. Journal food intake each day
  9. Take picture & record measurements on Day 30
  10. Celebrate your results!

*Optional: These are additional tips that we will be doing 

  • No solid meals after 9 pm
  • No cheat treat
  • At  least one smoothie & multi-vitamin each day

We will be tracking our progress on the WELLNESS tab of the blog. Please visit here for all the challenge updates!

What are some of your personal fitness goal?


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Dream It, Live It// Nicole Chaplin Master Trainer, Fitness Model, Author & More…

Dream It, Live It// Nicole Chaplin  Master Trainer, Fitness Model, Author & More…

NICOLE CHAPLIN - Press Shot Half Body Pose  “My biggest responsibility was bringing my career to where I wanted it to be. I have a very strong spiritual system. I believe in prayer, meditation and my belief in Christ that I can do all things. This is what works for me.”

Nicole Chaplin left her fast paced career  in marketing at “Roc-A-Fella Records” to pursue her passions in the fitness industry. With a degree in “marketing” and a minor in “music business”. Nicole decided to transition from employee to a celebrity trainer, fitness model, author and much more! Nicole has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine the list continues to expand. I had the pleasure of training with her a few weeks ago and her energy is indescribable.  We hope that Nicole’s  story and drive will inspire you all to keep chasing your dreams.

Read below to  learn more about how she became a successful business woman & celebrity trainer, through her faith in GOD and hard work.

What was the main reason why you changed careers and how did you do it?

“When the record company split, I decided to do something else that I love to do, which is fitness. It really catapulted to great heights rather quickly. I got my first client in the locker room. From there it grew to five clients and then it grew to twenty clients and this was all while I was working at a local gym. I later decided to go privately, and open my own private gym where I trained all my clients. It really just took off, I got certified, I learned the ends and outs of being an entrepreneur. Then I became a fitness model and my career has never been the same.”

How did you know that the music industry wasn’t for you?

“The reason why that industry didn’t work for me was because…it’s a lifestyle that takes a lot of nights out of you. I’m a morning person, so I needed to made sure that I did something where I’m getting up early and doing things on my own time. Working with the artists required a lot of night work. I just knew at that stage in my life I wanted to make sure that health was parallel and fitness just worked. I was always going to the gym anyway & I’ve always been a morning person so it just made sense.”

How did you make the transition and what sacrifices have you made to get to where you are now?

“First, I had to get certified and I had to learn the different types of fitness exercises. Another challenge was learning to manage my money differently. I was so used to getting a check every two weeks that I had to learn how to budget and how to survive and maximize my money.”

“You don’t get successful from one shot. You get successful by doing daily things to lead to that destination.”


​Did you ever have feelings of doubt or fear during this transition? How did you work through them?

“I’m going to be honest…Nope, I’ve never had any doubts or any fears. The reason why is because I have such a strong faith in the lord. I know that if I’m putting my mind into something, I’m not going to fail. It’s just not a part of who I am. That’s how I’ve always been, I’ve always been very strong willed where I just don’t believe that I am going to fail. I never put that type of energy out there. My biggest responsibility was bringing my career to where I wanted it to be. I have a very strong spiritual system. I believe in prayer, meditation and my belief in Christ that I can do all things. This is what works for me.”

Have you always been very spiritual or religious growing up?
“Absolutely, I used to pray with my mom all the time. I didn’t go to church in high school, but as a college student at The University of Miami I started going to bible study on campus and it really molded me. My faith gives me a peace of mind. I always try to look at the good in people, even if they are negative. It may be something going on that I don’t know about so I try not to judge them. If we love each other and have more of a compassion towards each other its going to make such a difference. I think as a culture, being Jamaican and being a women of color, we are not always shown love in the household as much as other cultures. I feel that I can help start the change. I try to be as loving as I can with my friends, my family and any one I’m in a relationship with. I just like to give that type of energy, my thing is if I don’t like the trend why not start one?”

How does your faith effect your lifestyle & career? 

“It affects it a lot. I’m not perfect , but I certainly have morals. So I also am careful of what I put on the internet & instagram and just overall how I brand myself. At the end of the day when mommy looks at me and when I have a conversation with god at night I want to make sure that he’s pleased with what I’ve done and that I’ve inspired someone. Making sure that I haven’t disrespected myself, my family name or anybody else. I try my best to do all of those things.”

Do you ever have days where you just don’t feel like working out, if so what keeps you motivated?

“I definitely have them, trust me. However, I have so many things I want to do. I have a charity that I want to start. I want to travel the world, I want to go to Morocco, I want to go to Egypt and climb the pyramids. In order for me to do these things, I have to work hard on a daily basis. You don’t get successful from one shot. You get successful by doing daily things to lead to that destination. So, in order for me to become global I have to work hard on every scale. That’s what keep me motivated to see people in my classes, to see changes in people that I’ve trained. I actually have a client that was on depression pills for 12 years and after training with me for some time his doctor that he didn’t need them anymore, because he got such a natural high from training with me. I’m also motivated because I see myself being a wife & mom one day and I want to have a beautiful structure in place. So that when I do join forces with my king, It’ll be a situation that I can bring something to his life and he can contribute to mine as well.

What inspired you to write your book “Yes Ma’am, Muscle as a Motivator”?
“I took my journals and positive affirmations and put them into a book. Anytime someone would take a time to talk to me or show me some type of positive energy I would always be grateful. It’s really about showing gratitude no matter what! Another principle that I live by is to really give my all no matter what it is. If I have a workout, I give my all. If I have a training session… I give my all! If I’m going on a business trip I give my all! I really try to give the best that I have within me no matter how tired I am. One day my mommy said to me, You should just turn it into a book. So to make it tie into to fitness every chapter has a principle that tied in with a muscle group. That’s where the name, Your Muscle As A Motivator Yes Ma’am” came from.”

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

“My favorite thing is I can make my own schedule, ugggh I love that(giggles). I can go to Miami (her hometown) when I want and I can do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it. The least favorite thing is budgeting! I have to be sure to budget to correctly.”

Let’s talk diet, what do you eat to stay in shape?

“I love juicing! Especially, dark green veggies. From cucumbers, spinach, arugula, kale… just about anything that’s dark green. I’m very heavy on that. It’s something I do everyday. I drink plenty of water and I stay away from sweets.  As for lunch and dinner, I eat a lot of baked chicken, salmon, baked potatoes and veggies. I try to stay away from  heavy carbs at night. I’ll sometimes have a yogurt as a snack.”

How about bad snacks, do you ever just indulge? If so, what’s your favorite snack?

Oh yes! Oreos(giggles). I have to stay away from those oreos.”

Let’s switch gears and talk beauty for a bit…we’ve all heard the excuse, ” I can’t work out because it will ruin my hair”. What’s your opinion on this  and how do you maintain your hair during your workouts?NICOLE_CHAPLIN_Sweet

“I wear Brazilian extensions. I like my hair long, so this just works for me. Styling my hair takes too much time so I prefer to wear extensions. I would never choose my hair over my health. I can always change my hair, just like that. I can’t do that with my body. I’m not going to act like my hair is not a priority, I mean I’m a woman of color…I’m Jamaican, but you just have to choose. You have to choose what you want more. However, I still take care of my hair, my natural hair is down to my shoulders. I get it deep conditioned each time I get my hair done by my stylist in Soho. I think it’s about having a balance. You can protect your hair, take care of it and still take care of your body.

Lastly, do you  have any advice for inspiring entrepreneurs?

“Learn your craft!Whatever it is that you are doing, be the best at it! Another thing, is to have a great accountant. Final tip, be fearless!There’s going to be rough times.”

Outside of fitness, Nicole is very passionate about inspiring and uplifting others. She is currently working on a TV show that will help create a positive image of women. Nicole is a beautiful woman both inside & out and we are glad have her share her story with “SewingStardom”. Check out this video below to learn more about Nicole!

 Nicole’s book “Yes, Mam! Your Muscle As A Motivator”, can be purchased at 


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