Sometimes God Delays Your Dream by Design

Sometimes God Delays Your Dream byI have a confession…Faith has been on my “to do list” all year. I made excuses, started building it, got distracted, started again, stopped again… Shall I continue? I guess it’s safe to say it’s a process like everything else in life. However, over the past few weeks it’s been developing more and more. Today I was reading my bible app and I came across a section in a “plan” I’m reading called, ” God’s Dream For Your Life”. Here’s a snippet of the plan:

For a long time I kept my “faith” separate from my “brand” because honestly I’m still figuring it out and I wanted to avoid conversations about things I don’t fully understand yet. However, after my little rant yesterday I felt like I had to share this with you guys. It’s exactly what I needed to see as a reminder to keep calm and carry on.

Sometimes God Delays Your Dream by Design

What’s your thoughts on this? 




Wellness// 4 Tips to Help You Get Unstuck

Wellness// 4 Tips to Help You Get Unstuck

Are you feeling the funk? We’ve all been there! Some days you just wake up tired, drained and feeling defeated before you even roll out of bed.


For weeks, maybe months even… my mental and physical body wasn’t aligned . I didn’t have an inch of energy, I was moody all the time and doing things that I normally enjoyed felt like a obligation rather than a passion. Thank the heavens that is no longer how I am feeling!

Out of nowhere a few weeks ago I noticed a change.  A change in my attitude and my mood. I woke up feeling refreshed , energized and excited to start the day. So how did that change happen?

Keep reading to find out how and maybe these tips may help you get your “mojo” back.

1. Acknowledge the feeling: openly express your feelings to yourself and a close friend that you trust. Getting out those emotions will certainly help clear some of the clutter and denial you may be in. Being in a bad mood or inspirational funk is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone and I mean everyone has their moments of sadness, loneliness and confusion. It’s okay to feel that way every once in a while. However, I am not a doctor. So, If you have been feeling this way longer than usual please seek professional help.

2. Acceptance: learn to be kind to yourself. Tell yourself It’s okay to feel moody or uninspired every once in a while. This is a lesson that took some time for myself. I would bottle in my thoughts instead of just completely accepting the feelings. As cliche as it sounds that really is the first step to getting through it.

3. Be positive: as obvious as this may sound it’s actually one of the hardest parts. I’m not going to tell you to speak positive affirmations all day long and ta-dah you’ll feel better. Speaking from experience that doesn’t work for everyone. I learned a way that works better for me and that is being positive about the future rather than trying to change my mood instantly.

For example, instead of saying “I’m having a great day.” (Which can honestly feel like a big fat lie if you aren’t)

I’ll say something like, “I’m not feeling my best right now, but I’m looking forward to feeling better in the near future”. This way I don’t feel like I’m lying to myself, but some how I’m still being optimistic.

4. Set small attainable goals:
Part of my “funk” certainly had to do with over planning. I was stressing myself out with deadlines, numerical goals and other pointless stats. Realizing that success is not a race it is simply a journey that everyone will experience differently. Now instead of daily to do list and over analyzing I simply set a few goals I’d like to accomplish by the end of the work week.


5. Meditate: Something so simple, yet so effective. For more on that topic check out this post

I hope this was helpful. I can honestly say this week is the first one in while that I feel like “myself” (whatever or whoever that is). I’m so grateful though, and I can’t wait to share some of this positive energy through my upcoming posts and videos. Check out my latest videos here

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So, what do you ladies(or gents) do when you’re feeling stuck in a rut? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Dream It Live It// Fashion Stylist Yanni J

Dream It Live It// Fashion Stylist Yanni J
Fashion Stylist Yanni J shares her  story about how she started working as a fashion stylist. Check out the full interview below!

“I don’t have the luxury of having a check coming in on this specific date every other other week, etc but I have my freedom to focus on my projects. It’s definitely a grind but the projects that I’m doing are my passions so I can’t imagine not doing them.”

1. Tell us a little about yourself. 
My name is Yannique Joseph. I’m 28 years young and I’m from Queens, New York. (Laurelton to be exact). I’m really shy even though people don’t believe me and I’ll probably be hiding once this interview gets posted!image (2)
2. What is your dream job? 
Well because I’ve already been blessed with bits and pieces of my “dream job” I can share with you what some goals. My ultimate goal is to have a successful vintage shop and maybe travel the world to continue this coffee table book I’m working on. That is definitely a dream of mine.
3. What inspired you to purse a career in styling?  I can never give one straight answer when I’m asked this. But honestly I think it’s just in my blood. I’ve never been one to have the typical 9-5 going on. I don’t like the idea of having to do the same exact thing everyday. I always thought that it was possible to have a passion and turn it into a career. Why not do something you love and have it as a career?
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
4.How long have you been a stylist? To date, what is your greatest accomplishment or favorite styling job?
I’ve been styling for about 5 years now. One of my greatest accomplishments since I started styling would probably have to be working on the wardrobe team for the artist Estelle. Before I started working with her I was doing smaller projects with independent artists, still getting my feet wet and when I got hired to work with her it was like whoa, a celeb really took a chance on me by trusting the referral from a friend of mine who was already working with her! It  was definitely a life changing experience. Red carpets, music videos, a tour and that’s only a snippet of what it involved. It was not an easy job but I learned SO much and it shaped me and directed me towards what I wanted to pursue after.

“There are days when I say to myself what was I thinking to veer off the “safe” path?? Who do I think I am to start these big dream projects when no one even knows who I am? Especially when things are taking way longer than I thought they would or the bank account is looking really sad, LOL! I stay motivated by prayer.”


5. What advice would you give to someone that is trying to purse a career in styling? 
Anyone who is trying to pursue a freelance career whether it’s fashion, writing, consulting, whatever I say to really think it over first! I don’t have the luxury of having a check coming in on this specific date every other other week, etc but I have my freedom to focus on my projects. It’s definitely a grind but the projects that I’m doing are my passions so I can’t imagine not doing them. Never in a million years would I think I would be working on a book, launching a vintage shop and personal shopping/styling for clients simultaneously! If it’s your passion don’t give up! And don’t think that everything comes to you quickly. I feel like this generation wants the success without putting in the work. They want to be noticed for looking good and not actually doing quality work. That’s insane to me! Work hard, stay focused and remove distractions. That’s the best advice I could give!
6. Do you ever have days when you feel like giving up? If so, how do you stay motivated? 
DEFINITELY! There are days when I say to myself what was I thinking to veer off the “safe” path?? Who do I think I am to start these big dream projects when no one even knows who I am? Especially when things are taking way longer than I thought they would or the bank account is looking really sad, LOL! I stay motivated by prayer. I consistently ask for guidance, clarity and peace. And I just have to be grateful for the season I’m in. Some will be harder than others so I try to keep that in mind. I also have an AMAZING support system with my best friends, some of my family members and an awesome group of girls from church. Anytime I feel down or just want to give up they remind me why I started in the first place and they are so encouraging. They’re great listeners and they never judge. (Thank you everyone, you know who you are!)
7.What’s your go to hairstyle ? ​
My go-to hair style is wash and go! I’m not good at trying new hairstyles at all! So I’ll wash or co-wash put a styling product in it and call it a day!
8.How long have you been natural & Why did you go natural? 
I’ve been natural for about 7 or 8 years now. When I was little my mom left my hair out all the time, my curls ran free and wild. When I got to high school I did not embrace it at all! I wanted the long, wash and set look and I decided to relax it monthly. By the time I got to my last years in college I was over it! I thought why I am I doing this to my hair when what I was born with is amazing?! Around that time it wasn’t the “trend” or as popular as it is now and I figured why not be different? That was probably the best decision I made and I’m so glad I did it on my own.
9. What does your current hair routine consist of ?
I’ll do a full wash and conditioner or co-wash once a week. I’m always trying different things but currently I’m using Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale anti-shrinkage hydrating soak shampoo and Organix Argan Oil of Morocoo conditioner. If I know that I’ll have some time, I deep condition with that for as many hours as I can then I wash it out. While my hair is wet I’ll style it with Hair Rules kinky curly cream. Sometimes I air dry, other times I’ll use a diffuser. When I go to sleep I put my hair in the pineapple ponytail and in the morning just shake it out. For second, third, fourth day hair I’ll hydrate it with a spray bottle and reapply my kinky curly cream or Dark & Lovely’s curl moisturizing souffle which was an emergency purchase! Since Hair Rules is a bit more pricey I try to preserve it and use the other stuff when I can. I’m big on hydrating/moisturizing my hair so sometimes I’ll use the quenched curls moisturizer/2nd day curl refresher as well.
10.What is one beauty product you can’t live without? 
The one beauty product I can’t live without is my kinky curly cream by Hair Rules! Last year I got my hair dyed and cut at H2 salon and the owner used it in my hair and I loved it so I’ve been using it ever since. It works and it smells good and it hasn’t failed me yet so I’ll probably stick to it for awhile.
11.What’s the best thing about being natural?
I can go out in the rain, get in the pool, or to to the beach and not worry! The few times wear it straight I’ll have a heart attack if it rains! When it’s curly I don’t have to stress about that.1939481_10101146522077550_2115172149024469726_n
You can find me on twitter @itsyannij, Instagram @yannij and on Facebook you can look me up by searching my name Yannique Joseph or


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Wellness//Living Your Passion Part 1: Finding Your Purpose

The other day I posted this photo on IG and asked the question,” what’s your purpose?” The response I received was pretty interesting. Very few people commented. However, one person who did asked,“How do I find it?”.

20140227-022039.jpgFirst, let me start by saying I’m by no means an expert in this department. If you’ve been following SewingStardom for a while you probably know that, “I don’t have the answers” #kanyevoice if you haven’t been following, let me warn you, I don’t know it all. I’m still trying to figure it out as well. However, I do have a few ideas and helpful tips that I would like to share that have helped me grow into the place that I’m at right now. I’ve discovered my purpose, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make it a part of my regular lifestyle. Keep reading below to see learn a few of my tips for finding your purpose.


1. It doesn’t have to be a craft : I think most people assume that our purpose has to be a skill or craft, like dancing, acting, singing or creating art. Let’s be honest though, not everyone has a skill or craft. If so, the entire planet would be walking around doing the same things. Sometimes it can be a calling. For example, I believe that my purpose is to inspire others. That’s the whole point of all of this, the blog, the youtube channel, etc. I love the feeling I get when I help someone with a hair issue, fitness tips or putting together an outfit. Although, my actual craft may be considered being a “stylist” I know that my purpose is more than dressing people. Don’t limit yourself to fit into a box or label.

2. Ask your self,” what’s one thing I can do every single day even if I don’t get paid for it?” I knew that my purpose was to inspire others once I noticed that I did it every where I went. I could be at a club, but if the opportunity presented itself I would find myself chatting with women about natural hair or fashion. From the moment I wake up from the time I go to bed I am constantly trying to inspire others to look better & feel better. I also love the feeling that I get through doing this. You will know when you’ve found your purpose because you will feel a natural high off life. When you are smiling at just the mere thought of doing what you love that’s how you’ll know it’s more than a hobby it’s a passion!

“I have dreams of moving to Cali, opening my own business that will allow me to inspire women everywhere and traveling the world. I truly believe all these are possible. It’s just a matter of how bad I want it I may fail, but that won’t stop me from trying!”

3. Ask the opinions of people you know and people you don’t know. I know many of us like to have the mentality like, ” I don’t care what other think about me”. Sometimes we should , not ever critic is a hater. There’s some truth to the perception you give off. Asking your friends and family, “what could you see me doing or what do I get the most excited about? ” could be very helpful in figuring all this out.

4. Go with the flow: if you have seven different hobbies that you love doing… Do them all. Don’t say, I can’t be a photographer because I’m already a dancer. Or I can’t be a writer and a hair stylist. Yes you can! People just like you are doing it. Believe in yourself and don’t put limits on your abilities. If god, put that’s desire in your heart, it’s there for a reason, he wouldn’t have put that desire in your heart with out giving you a way to fulfill it! … Sometimes your purpose may be something you never imagined you’d be doing. It may terrify you to death, but for some reason you have a gut feeling telling you to do it anyway. So, just do it! It may not be perfect the very first time you try, but you will get better just keep going!20140227-022256.jpg

5. “Ask GOD for help…”. If you aren’t sure what your calling is…that’s okay. Not everyone will know right away, but at times when I feel confused I always go to GOD. As of lately, my faith has been growing more and more. I can honestly say that all the confidence I have in living my purpose comes through him. If you aren’t a believer of GOD that’s fine. However, sometimes it helps to put your burdens and worries into the hands of the universe rather than trying to deal with it alone 🙂 . I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching to you guys, but my faith is growing & I can’t help but share it!

Have you found your purpose? Are you still looking? Please share your tips or stories below, I’d love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for the next post, “Cultivating & Walking in Your Purpose”!

With Love xoxo,
Fatima 🙂

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