#DearMe: A Special Note To My Younger Self


YouTube launched a campaign called #DearMe earlier this week. The purpose of this campaign is to help empowered and inspire women and girls of all ages. The campaign consisted of youtubers creating a video dedicated to their younger self. My dear friend Abena, made this moving video on her channel earlier this week and she tagged me.

#DearMe: A Special Note To My Younger Self 

Embrace Your Body: You Are Unique & Beautiful. Cherish your small boobs, big nose,dark skin, thick eyebrows and “nappy hair”.

It’s Okay To Be Quiet: There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. You don’t have to change to make others feel comfortable.

It Always Works Out: All your dreams and goals are possible. Keeping going, word hard and stop comparing yourself to your peers! Strive to be a better you, not a better version of “them”.


I tag all of you! What would you tell your younger self?