My Skincare Regimen Is Going Natural.

My Skincare Regimen Is Going Natural.


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that the texture and overall appearance of my skin has changed…for the worse. I have stubborn breakouts along my jawline and cheeks. Normally, my skin is pretty clear, so this was a red flag for me. I’ve decided that firstly I will eliminate products that are packed with parabens and other chemicals.

 Learn more about these products and why I’m going natural!


Beauty// Makeup Staples

Beauty// Makeup Staples

The older I get the more I began to accept the concept of less is more. Check out my latest video to learn more about my simple makeup routine and my go beauty must haves! What are some of your beauty staples?



Style & Beauty// Wedding Inspiration

Style & Beauty// Wedding Inspiration

Summer is slowing whining down :(. It has truly gone by way too fast. However, it’s a bittersweet moment for me since I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m not too sad about it’s departure. From festivals, BBQ’s, concerts, beach trips & picnics, it’s been great!( I’ll do a recap post soon) To cap off this beautiful summer my best friend is getting married on Sunday.

In preparation for her wedding I have been on pinterest trying to find the perfect accessories, hair style and shoes for my bridesmaid dress. This is the dress, but the color I’m wearing is canary yellow.

In the midst of my search I realized that some of you ladies can probably benefit from my inspiration board if you are attending a wedding this summer. Although ya girl is not getting married any time soon…and I mean NO TIME SOON lol.( long story) I did enjoy looking at these pictures of beautiful brides and wedding parties. Check out my inspiration down below.

Loving the afros!!!

Hair Inspiration:Romance and simplicity…

Loose Curls with lots of body!

Makeup Inspiration: This is a no brainer! It’s going to be hot, so I’m sticking to a natural and dewy look. Luckily, I have finally mastered my “Natural Makeup Routine”. See video below.
Check out my natural makeup routine here 

Might throw on a bold pink lip for a pop of color! Werk Ms.Sanna Lathan


Are any of your ladies preparing for a wedding this season? If so, what looks have inspired you? 
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Tribe Called Curl// Kinks Come Out At Night

Tribe Called Curl// Kinks Come Out At Night

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend! I know I certainly am. Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending  “Kinks Come Out At Night”  at Free Candy in Brooklyn, NY. 


Comment below if you would like to see reviews on these products!

This event was absolutely beautiful!  I’m sure by the flyer you can probably tell this was NOT your average natural hair event. The night was filled with giveaways, natural hair chat and positive energy. IMG_8892 IMG_8901

However, sex and sexuality was the main topic of discussion. IMG_8881

IMG_8870  IMG_8880


From the dope art work in the Free Candy Art Space by “These Pink Lips”  to the burlesque show (that I missed 😦 ) it was a very sexy night fun of full! I had a great time and I even met a few of the young ladies that follow the  blog and my youtube, which has never happened to me before, so I was pretty shocked.


It was such a pleasure meeting you ladies!



My favorite part of the night would have to be the panel discussion about sex and sexuality hosted by the beautiful  writer and artist “Feminista Jones”. The panel felt more like a convo with your girlfriends. It was a open discussion about real topics that relate to sex.  IMG_8879There were performances,  an awesome DJ and lots of good energy! I will certainly be attending more “Tribe Called Curl” events in the future!

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Beauty//No Make-Up Make-up

Beauty//No Make-Up Make-up

After a few weeks of sticking to a new skincare regimen, healthy eating & drinking lots of water, my skin has been looking and feeling it’s best as of  lately. Due to that, I’ve been having a strong urge to just let it breathe. Wearing little or no makeup at all.  It’s something about just having clear glow-ie skin that just makes me happy. However, I am still a bit girly and I love playing with different looks.  So, I’m constantly buying and trying new products.

Recently, I’m been practicing a simple look with a slight highlight & contour using this awesome in expensive powder by Black Radiance. In the past, I’ve used two lighter colors for setting my foundation. Click here for that review

A few weeks ago I purchased the “Black Radiance Pressed Powder” in Rich Mahogany. This color is a deep brown and perfect for my brown skin girls that want to look sun kissed…and to think I used to be one of the those people who thought bronzers weren’t for brown skin women. The best part about this product is…it only cost $5.00. I picked I up at my local “Family Dollar”.


Just like the other pressed powders that I have this one is very pigmented. The packaging is sleek and the compact comes with an application brush and mirror. This powder is awesome for contouring and sculpting the face adding slight definition. I’ve always wanted to try the whole “Contouring & Highlighting”, but I feared I’d look like “Kim K”. Don’t get me wrong she’s beautiful, but in my opinion that much makeup only looks good on TV & red carpet.   Also, who has time for all of that? Not,me! That’s for sure.

So, after watching a few videos on YouTube I figured I’d give it a try. Using a few products to create a simple yet polished look.  

What do you think ladies?IMG_6584

Other Products Used To Create This Look

  1. Black Radiance Toasted Almond Baked Blush
  2. Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzing Powder in Glow
  3. Elf Concealer under my eyes
  4. NYX Blush in Dusty Rose

5. Nicka K Lipstick in Dark Magenta and Revlon Colorburst in Shamless

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Beauty// Nicka K Lipstick Review

In this video I will be reviewing my favorite pink lipsticks by the Nicka k brand.

I’m pretty much obsessed with shades of pink and purple! As of lately, everything I’m buying from nail polish to my phone case has been in this color family. It’s a bit weird for me since I’m usually wearing black with red lipstick. It could be from the gross snow that just won’t give us a break on the east coast. Whatever the reason, I am enjoying it! I’m so excited for spring, only a few more weeks!

Here’s a few pics from this weekend’s festivities! Side bar I met Vashtie this weekend too, she’s such a sweetheart!Have a great week everyone 🙂

I’m wearing “Dark Magenta”.

1622620_656826467716655_1566331265_n 1661583_657583120974323_1863545696_n 1962742_656718124394156_2087157683_n

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Beauty// Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review & Demo

So, I’m not going to lie, when I stumbled upon this product I was curious, but very skeptical. Being a woman of color, my skin tone is a bit uneven. Around my mouth tends to be a little dark than the rest of my face. Not to mention the under bags and hyper-pigmentation I have from previous breakouts (see the video here) .I didn’t think this product would be able to cover my imperfections or match my skin tone. My usual foundation provides a full-medium coverage. I was looking for something that was more appropriate for everyday wear. I found this at DuaneReade and decided to give it a try…”why not?” right.

The darkest shade is the same shade of my concealer so I was definitely skeptical!
My skin has never been and still isn’t anywhere near perfect. However, after discovering this BB-cream and sticking to an awesome skincare regimen the appearance of my skin has improved dramatically.
 What is BB Cream?
BB Cream is basically a tinted moisturizer. It’s a lightweight product that provides a very natural and light coverage.It also provides protection from harmful sunrays with a SPF 15.
What it claims?

The 1-step wonder for a good skin day, everyday.
Packed with 8 great skin benefits for instant skin perfection
Ideal for Normal Skin.

Why You’ll Love It

BB creams combine skincare + makeup in 1 simple step

8-in-1 Skin Perfector:

• Blurs imperfections
• Brightens
• Evens skin tone
• Smoothes
• Hydrates
• Enhances
• Protects with SPF 30
• 0% oils and heavy ingredients

Does it work?

Yes! This product blends flawlessly. When it comes in to contact with your skin it will “self-adjust” to the proper shade.

It is very light weight, but it provides amazing coverage and it leaves my skin with a natural glow.
How I use it?
Although, this is a “tinted moisturizer”. I prefer to mix this product with my own moisturizer
Once I apply this all over using my stipple brush and fingers I allow it to set for a few seconds, then I apply my bronzer/blush of choice. I prefer to set with bronzer rather than powder to keep from looking ashy.
Then I apply the rest of my makeup, like I normally do.

I absolutely love it! Have any of you ever tried BB Cream by Maybelline? If so, what do you think of this product?

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Natural Hair:All About Transitioning

Have you ever spoken these exact same words?
” I want to go natural, but I don’t know where to start…”If so this posts is for you. I’m constantly asked advice on this topic. So in order to help all my readers, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to you. Whether you are on the fence about becoming natural or already on your journey. Read below for more insight to this amazing hair journey.
 Let’s Get Started…
1. Big Chop or Transition
First, you must decide if you want to chop off all your hair and start from scratch or gradually cut off your ends as your hair grows out. The Big Chop is easier because you don’t have to deal with two textures, but that is not a change that everyone can handle.
2. Research
Now that you’ve decided that you want to TRANSITION you must research and commit to this choice. Before you start, know that there will be days when you hate your hair. You may even be tempted to revert back to relaxers, but if you research properly you won’t be sucked back so easily. Using resources like BGLH ,CurlyNikki, and the thousands of Youtube Videos dedicated to natural hair you can get an idea of what transitioning is like before you start. These sites also offer direct info to challenges you may face along the way. Some of the major challenges you will face is DRYNESS, BREAKAGE and what appears to be lack of  GROWTH. Don’t freight the next step will make these challenges a lot easier to deal with.
3. Create a Regimen
Even though you aren’t completely natural  yet you have to start taking care of your hair as if you are.
That means eliminate or decrease heat(flat irons, blow dryer, curling irons etc.) It also means adding new techniques like deep conditioning, oiling your scalp and cowashing. I understand that for some women who are used to going to a salon may not be familiar with some of these things, but remember your research! Using Youtube you can literally find a video for everything.
Here’s a sample weekly regimen to get you started.
Sunday: “Wash Day”
  • Cowash/ Detangle
  • Shampoo(1x a month)
  • Deep Condition for 45mins to an hr. with a plastic cap
  • Moisturize your ends and scalp
  • Style-depending on the style you may not need to restyle throughout the week
Monday-Tuesday: Moisturize roots and ends
Wednesday:” Re-style Day”
  • Co-Wash/ Detangle
  • Restyle
  • Moisturize your roots and ends
Thursday- Saturday: Moisturize roots and ends
***In the beginning of your journey it’s important to make your regimen as simple as possible. Creating a regimen that requires low manipulation and maintenance will help prevent BREAKAGE. You must commit to a regimen. As you get the hang of it you can add or change your regimen based on your specific hair needs.
 4. Choosing the Right Products
Everyone is different, so I can’t guarantee that every product I recommend will work for you. But I will share my list of products for those who have no idea what to try.

  • SHAMPOo: VO5 SHEA Moisture






5. Styling: 
As I mentioned before it’s best to use LOW MANIPULATION techniques when you are transitioning.Here’s a few styles that I preferred when I transitioned from heat damaged hair.-Braid Out-Two Strand Twists-Two Strand Twist out-Flat Twist Out(Twist Set)-Buns-Bantu Knots-Braids(Poetic Justice Style)-Sew-In Weaves**Each of these styles can help maintain and blend those two textures together while your hair is growing.**Videos can be found on Youtube for each of these styles. 

6. Stay Inspired and Love What You Have

This is the most important step! Everyone’s natural hair is different. Although you may love Tracee Ellis Ross’s hair texture and she’s why you went natural; keep in mind that your hair may not look like that.It’s important to go into this with an open mind, fully loving your hair for it’s own unique look. If you stumble along the way use tumblrs like “Hi-imcurrentlyobsessed” to stay inspired from women around the world.

Hope this was helpful! Leave your questions/comments below.