And I’m Feeling Good…

Once again, I’ve completely neglected my blog… I apologize guys, but honestly for months now I’ve been contemplating if I want to continue blogging here. If you’ve been with me since the blogspot days that probably sounds nuts to you. I was in denial for such a long time honestly. I kept forcing myself to write posts that didn’t inspire me. However, at this point I’ve just decided it’s time to be real with myself. Things change, goals change and I have every right to grow. I was almost disappointed in myself for feeling uninspired to blog. This platform used to be my little baby and now it has grown into something so bigger than I expected. Nowadays I find myself more inspired to record a video for my YT channel than I am to write on here and honestly… that’s okay. It took me a while, but I’m comfortable with saying that. This year has only just begun, but it’s been filled with so much growth and challenges. I’ve learn a lot about myself very quickly. I’ve made a conscious choice that this year I will face those fears that have been stopping me from really being me… the true me. If that means walking away from things or people that I thought made me who I am then I will. This year is about growth for me…I can feel a shift happening. For so long I’ve just felt stuck and stagniant, but my energy and goals feel revived. I’m ranting… but honestly this needs to be said. I’ve finally accepted that in order to really grow…I will have to let go of these “ideas” that I have of myself. That may include letting go of this blog… I guess only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I finally cut off my hair! I’ll have the video and official pics up this weekend. Make sure you follow me on IG to see more if you can’t wait until then lol.

IMG_9470 IMG_9475

Perfect way to restart this journey to…me!

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One thought on “And I’m Feeling Good…

  1. I love my curls because they are different and versatile. I can wear millions of hairstyles in one month. At one time I was ashamed of my hair, but eventually I came to my senses and now I embrace it. My hair is me. When my hair is in it’s natural state I feel the most confident. Straight hair is boring, curly is wassup! I could not live a day without my hair, I thank god for my curls. #loveyourcurls

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