Have you all missed me? I sure have missed you all…Your girl has been bussssy and although I’m fighting sleep to write this post right now I know that it’s only fair to update all you ladies (& gents) who have stuck with me on this journey.

If you are following me via IG you probably know I am the official assistant beauty editor for LoveBrownSugar.com!


Check out my first here http://www.lovebrownsugar.com/easy-natural-hairstyles-for-labor-day/   In addition to that I am a contributor over at 4chairchick.com and with that being said  I will be taking a much need break from blogging at sewingstardom.com . All of the old posts will stay here during the changes for your reading pleasure, but dedicating myself to three huge projects and a 9 to 5 is a struggle. Not to mention the hectic schedule I have now. From fashion shows, beauty events and meetings… Things are finally unfolding, but it’s a balancing act for sure.IMG_1313So let’s look at this as a “see you soon” type of thing… Trust me sewingstardom is still going to be here just bigger, better and more in line with the vision when we return. To keep up with me check out my posts over at lovebrownsugar.com since I will be posting regularly there, 4chairchick and youtube which I will still be updating weekly. Follow my IG which I update daily if you are interested in keeping up what events I’m attending, daily outfits, beauty products I’m loving and my natural hair styles. IMG_1369IMG_1365Keep in touch and make sure you follow me on social sites.

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Thank you all for rocking with me and I am looking forward to showing you all the changes we’re working on! Cheers, to new beginnings!


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