In this video/post I am answering a reader’s questions about heat damage. Do you have a question that you need help with? 

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Stephanie’s Question:  “My name is Stephanie and I have looking at your YouTube channel for some time now. I’m 19 and an upcoming junior in college. I have been natural all my life and ending up getting heat damage my freshman year of college.

This is how long my hair was in 2012…IMG_1986

I had some highlights in as well. I cut my hair after getting the heat damage and Currently I’m still struggling with the growth of my hair as well as caring for it.
I have Senegalese twists in currently as a protective style but here is what my hair looked like before I put the twists in …image

I think I’m on the right track but since we had similar stories I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask what are some tips on hair growth, eating habits and even if adding biotin to my vitamin regimen will help.
Your hair is beautiful and I just want to see that in my hair again.
Best ,

My Response: 

Are you having the same problem as Stephanie? If so, check out these helpful links. 

All about Transitioning

How to Grow Long Natural Hair
My Staple Products
My Hair Journey

Do you have any suggestions for Stephanie? Have you ever had heat damage? How did you recover from heat damage?

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