Are you feeling the funk? We’ve all been there! Some days you just wake up tired, drained and feeling defeated before you even roll out of bed.


For weeks, maybe months even… my mental and physical body wasn’t aligned . I didn’t have an inch of energy, I was moody all the time and doing things that I normally enjoyed felt like a obligation rather than a passion. Thank the heavens that is no longer how I am feeling!

Out of nowhere a few weeks ago I noticed a change.  A change in my attitude and my mood. I woke up feeling refreshed , energized and excited to start the day. So how did that change happen?

Keep reading to find out how and maybe these tips may help you get your “mojo” back.

1. Acknowledge the feeling: openly express your feelings to yourself and a close friend that you trust. Getting out those emotions will certainly help clear some of the clutter and denial you may be in. Being in a bad mood or inspirational funk is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone and I mean everyone has their moments of sadness, loneliness and confusion. It’s okay to feel that way every once in a while. However, I am not a doctor. So, If you have been feeling this way longer than usual please seek professional help.

2. Acceptance: learn to be kind to yourself. Tell yourself It’s okay to feel moody or uninspired every once in a while. This is a lesson that took some time for myself. I would bottle in my thoughts instead of just completely accepting the feelings. As cliche as it sounds that really is the first step to getting through it.

3. Be positive: as obvious as this may sound it’s actually one of the hardest parts. I’m not going to tell you to speak positive affirmations all day long and ta-dah you’ll feel better. Speaking from experience that doesn’t work for everyone. I learned a way that works better for me and that is being positive about the future rather than trying to change my mood instantly.

For example, instead of saying “I’m having a great day.” (Which can honestly feel like a big fat lie if you aren’t)

I’ll say something like, “I’m not feeling my best right now, but I’m looking forward to feeling better in the near future”. This way I don’t feel like I’m lying to myself, but some how I’m still being optimistic.

4. Set small attainable goals:
Part of my “funk” certainly had to do with over planning. I was stressing myself out with deadlines, numerical goals and other pointless stats. Realizing that success is not a race it is simply a journey that everyone will experience differently. Now instead of daily to do list and over analyzing I simply set a few goals I’d like to accomplish by the end of the work week.


5. Meditate: Something so simple, yet so effective. For more on that topic check out this post

I hope this was helpful. I can honestly say this week is the first one in while that I feel like “myself” (whatever or whoever that is). I’m so grateful though, and I can’t wait to share some of this positive energy through my upcoming posts and videos. Check out my latest videos here

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So, what do you ladies(or gents) do when you’re feeling stuck in a rut? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!


One thought on “Wellness// 4 Tips to Help You Get Unstuck

  1. Thanks for sharing and being honest about your experiences! I have been exercising and taking naps when I need them to keep myself sane! Exercising helps me feel strong and napping keeps my mind from overloading. Hopefully this helps!

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