Happy Summer! Here’s a little Monday pick me up for you ladies who may be in a style rut. I’ve been so inspired to try something different with my natural hair and my style this summer. You may remember, a few weeks ago I lightened my bangs.  See that post here. However, I’m still itching for more. This past weekend I experimented with Bantu Knots, “Scary Spicy” edition. However, I’m thinking about going purple next week.

Check out a few of my favorite things that I’m currently lusting over!

 Iridescent…EVERYTHING, especially nailsc26e38ddd09d6c9f42e6727e6fc74523 tumblr_miur7snYdR1ro61zvo3_1280

Bantu Knots

04ee078dbe6b205c092c64ddcdd13b5f Vtumblr_lnmayvIImd1qlcpzoo1_500tumblr_n2lyrjaRsw1qcxz61o1_1280melanie-b-scary-spice-bantu-knots

 Melody Eshani Egyptian Lover Collection

10471946_789917837694277_62433925_a DONT_CARE_TOTE_BAG_1024x1024tumblr_n6k3ea2AlM1qzn8pto1_500tumblr_n6qc8856Fd1skg6hgo1_500

Braids & Baby Hair

…it’ just something about that baby hair.sH8oA6Z1

tumblr_n2gaf4ajC21srtcmbo1_1280 086016269954f4ec58c28f78b36d713atumblr_n72kdlS0lI1qzn8pto1_500

Bold Color

a2346e0e8b273a40afae30150c713570 kelis


Playful Bright Sneakers



large solange-puma-rainforest  Turban Wraps tumblr_meu8rrmGTg1rfc3kko1_500


I’m really looking forward to experimenting this summer. Make sure you follow me on IG @sewingstardom.

What are you currently lusting this summer?

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