Working out seems to be one of those things that either you love or you hate. Personally, I was never the athletic type growing up. However, I’ve always had an interest in working out and being healthy. I remember a time in high school when I was pretty much obsessed with losing weight, why? I’m not really sure. ( that’s whole different post for a later time) I would wake up early each morning, whip out my yoga mat and do a gazillion crunches. Le sigh…Only if I knew then what I know now. After some serious research and lots of trial and error, I’ve realized that losing weight and toning up is about 20% exercise and 80% diet. Keeping that in mind I’ve changed my eating habits and I’ve finally lose those stubborn extra inches around my waist.  That video is here .

Most people think that in order to lose or maintain weight you need a gym membership. That is 100% FALSE. I canceled my membership about a year ago. Instead, I’ve decided to build an at home workout kit. Check out this post/ video to see the equipment I’ve been using for several months to maintain my weight and tone by body.

Keep reading to learn about the few pieces you need to build your own at home workout kit.

Please keep in mind that everyone is different. We can both buy the same exact tools, but seeing results at home requires one key that can not be bought…Determination. You really have to want to see a change in order to make a change.

1. Yoga Mat: this is one the most important tools. The mat will help support your back and knees especially from the hard floor or ground. Working out on a hard surface can lead to injury and serious pain. yoga-mat
2. Comfortable Sneakers: No particular brand or style is necessary. The important thing to remember here is that they should feel comfortable to you. I prefer a light weight running sneaker by NIKE. These can be used in doors on hard wood floors or outside for running.

3. Dumbbells: Start with something light 2-4 pounds and gradually work your way up. These are great for both upper body & lower body workouts.

4. Yoga/ Balance Ball: These are great for stabilizing abdominal exercises. I realized notice a change in my core once I started using this ball.

5. Jump Rope: One of the biggest obstacles I faced when I initially started this “at home fitness journey” was how can I do cardio at home? I don’t own a treadmill or elliptical. However, I knew that cardio would be a key component to slimming down. This is why I purchased a jump rope. Doing just 10-15 minutes of interval training will increase your heart rate and start burning calories.


Ankle Weights
Resistance Bands
Waist Trimmer
Body Bar

Click here to see how I use these tools and for a sample workout to try at home.

Helpful Tips

  • ” How Bad Do You Want it?” // As mentioned above the most important elements of working out at home is focus and determination. No one is going to force you to workout each day. You have to really want to see a change.
  • Set Small Attainable Goals// Start small, if you are a beginner. Working out for maybe 10 mins the first day and 20 minutes the next may be a great way to create a habit. Don’t plan a ridiculous goal like 60 mins of cardio on Day 1 if you’ve never worked out before. You will most likely fail and be discouraged to try again the next day.
  • Find A Partner// It’s a proven fact that most people tend to stick to their workout routine if they have a workout buddy. Find a friend that is willing to take a evening jog with you each day. You guys can motivate each other and you’ll be more likely to keep it up.

I hope this post was helpful to those that are just starting a new regimen. Do you already have an at home workout? If so,  comment below… What are some of your favorite at home workouts ?

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