In this video you can learn how I get a super defined wash & go.

The wash & go has been my favorite hairstyle for the past year or so.  After doing this style for such a long time, I’ve mastered a technique that works great for my hair type. Check out the video above or the tips below. They may help you the next time you give it a try.

Helpful Tips for Getting A Super Defined Wash & Go

1. Deep Condition before you style your hair. This will ensure soft & defined curls way before you start adding products.

2.  Add your leave in while you are in the shower. This aids in the finger detangling process. I like to use Cantu Shea Moisturizes Curl Enhancing Smoothie.20140121-083428

3. Use cool water to seal your ends. I also like to apply an oil to my hair before adding my gel. This adds amazing shine to the hair.

4. While your hair is still wet use your gel of choice to aid in more finger detangling.

5. When using your diffuser start by using high heat and low speed. This is will help minimize frizz, during the styling process.

6. Sleep with your hair up in a high ponytail or “the pineapple.” This will help add volume to your roots without causing frizz.

What are some of your favorite tips or products to get an awesome wash & go?

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