Last night I had the pleasure of attending the “Essence MagazIne X Pantene , Curly Q’s  Straight talk” event in NYC at 48 Lounge.


I had the chance to meet so many awesome women that are living out their dreams. Check out my vlog here  to learn more about the event.The night was absolutely amazing and inspiring! The event  gave me the idea to make this post all about NETWORKING.


Naturally, I am a very laid back person. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.  However, sometimes in order to get ahead or simply meet new people we have to step out of our comfort zone and chat it up with complete strangers. Below I am sharing a few helpful tips that really helped me last night and I hope they can help you as well. 

“Breaking the Ice”

#1 Be Friendly: It may sound like a no brainer, but the easiest way to break the ice is by simply by smiling & saying hello.

#2 Give a genuine compliment: Find something that you love about a person that you want to chat with and let them know. Don’t be afraid to tell someone,” I love your hair” or “that lipstick is beautiful on you!”  If you are being authentic it will be obvious and a conversation will naturally start.

Myself & Tiarra Monet

#3 Go Alone: Yes, having friends at events is always fun, but going alone will force you to step out of your bubble and make new friends. If you go to an event and stick by your girls all night you won’t ever feel the need to meet anyone new.


Getting Down to Business

#4 Carry and Give Out Your Business Cards: This is a tricky one, for me at least. Some people, including myself find it a bit difficult to tell other about “what you do.” I personally never what to come off as self absorbed, so I always wait until the time feel ls right to bring up what I do.


#5 Ask Questions: If there is someone at an event that you would love to work with or you want know how they got their job, ASK THEM! People love talking about themselves. This one is fairly easy, just be authentic and really interested in what they are saying.

Follow Up

#6 Say Thank You: Always follow up with a thank you email, text or message. Make an extra effort to connect with the people you meet via  social media. Stay connected and message them every once in a while just to see what they are up to. They may need assistance with a project or have a job opening available!

In addition to these tips, this video by Shameless Maya has been extremely helpful to me as well.  

Well ladies and gents,  I hope these tips help you at the next event you attend.


What are some of your networking tips?Comment below & Follow SewingStardom Here//


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