Imani O’Blige  is the 23 year old  founder and CEO of online boutique, Dirty Tuesday. With third dimensional heritage of an ethnically diverse background, she was raised in the urban silhouette of Paterson, NJ. “

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“Take action and just do it. The internet, a random class, and seeking knowledge on the subject anywhere you can is a great starting point.”

 Dirty Tuesday is a transitioning online boutique that has expanded from a vintage chic style to a free spirited fashion house. With early beginnings of popular 80’s-90’s street wear, we now have an eccentric, earthy brand featuring up and coming designers from around the world!

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand…What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name “Dirty Tuesday“? 

“3 A.M.  I stumbled into my room, after what seemed like endless laughs with friends. Struck by the karma of stubborn laundry, I tripped in the darkness over a pile, landing face first on her cellular device. What a dreary Tuesday it was.EUREKA!Tuesday + Messy Room = Dirty Tuesday thus the journey began!”

 “The Dirty Tuesday brand is a mixture of eclectic pieces from international collections.”prints

Who is the Dirty Tuesday customer? “You can find her deep breathing in an early morning yoga class. Clearing her mind free of thoughts where the arts of basquiat inspire and Erykah badu is trying to save the world.Stylishly gallavanting in patterns from across the world. She’s something like an alien, this Dirty Tuesday girl.We aim to make the experience of our customer as personal a shopper can get. You can learn the moods of the creator by peeping the lookbook, or surfing the shop. Dirty Tuesday‘s blog will definitely peer you into the mind of this beautiful disaster.”

In your last collection you created pieces that were influenced by your meditation practice, how does this collection differ from the ones in the past?This new collection is not my own, but similar in my taste and style as to how the fabrics and the cut speaks.”

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces? “In the stillness is where I find it all.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset" I've had my doubts in the aspect of I was at a point where I didn't know where to go next with my brand or my life after transitioning through a major internal shift. Yet I made it through by being still, strengthening myself inside mentally and controlling my emotions"

How/why did you get into meditation? How often do you practice? “I began meditating because I had absolutely no control over thought at the time. Random non beneficial thought patterns would storm in, and I wanted them out! I practice everyday.”

What’s a typical day like for you?  “A typical day in the life of Founder and CEO of Dirty Tuesday goes as follows. eyes open, press play on positive affirmations, meditate, yoga, qigong (repeat at later time)shower/breakfast, knocking out scheduled duties from photo shoots, social media, pop up shops, emails, phone calls, meetings, gym, a walk in nature at several points (no matter the weather/ eh unless I’m snowed in) nap (recharge) studying some form of quantum physics or self help information/ancient texts , random dance class, wine tasting, or live show. silence.”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What’s your favorite piece in the collection and why?
“My favorite piece in the current collection ( not the newly to be relaunched one) is the Waxflower dress. Specifically because I made it and the pattern on it speaks to me as if it were something I would have worn in a past life. “
What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while launching your business? “The biggest challenge was fraud and personal setbacks that brought me to a place where I physically was incapable of running my business. Where prior to now I was working alone doing every aspect of the business myself. From marketing, finding fashion shows to be in, posting, styling, photographer, editor, graphic designer, manager, creative director. You name it, I did it.”Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

” My grandfather owned several businesses growing up and he always told me there’s nothing like working for yourself. I took it as , it’s much better to create your own reality.”

What’s your least/ favorite part about self- employed? “There’s no one telling you what to do. ( which isn’t necessarily my least favorite part) but really staying on top of the progression of my company without criticizing myself when things don’t go as planned.”
Have you ever had any doubts or fears on this journey, if so how did you work through it?  “I’ve had my doubts in the aspect of I was at a point where I didn’t know where to go next with my brand or my life after transitioning through a major internal shift. Yet I made it through by being still, strengthening myself inside mentally and controlling my emotions. It works lol”
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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Imani several times in the past, she more of her work here.
Where can we find you? 
Instagram: @dirtytuesday
Facebook: Dirty Tuesday
Twitter: Dirty_Tuesday
Follow SewingStardom Here//

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