20140414-092613.jpgHappy Monday, ladies…& gents. Today’s post is all about getting rid of those damaged & split ends. We all have them, it’s an inevitable part of being… a human. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, coily, kinky, nappy or straight. At some point and time your ends will get dry & damaged. These are usually the first signs that means you need a trim! One of the most frequently asked question that I receive from natural ladies is, “How do you trim your ends?”. 20140414-092554.jpg

Trimming the ends of our hair is very important in retaining length and overall keeping our hair as health as possible. I always recommend that you go to a professional to get your hair trimmed. I have fell victim to some terrible cuts in the past because I am simply a “DIY type of gal.” I always have been and I probably will always be. I’ve never liked hair salons or their prices and for that reason I prefer to cut my own hair.

Disclaimer: This method works for me! If you wear your hair straight very often I would not recommend this technique. More than likely your hair will not be evenly cut.

Now that that’s covered…In the video below you can learn how I trim my ends at home.

I do this on an as needed basis. I usually don’t trim more than a half inch of hair. Enjoy and please leave any questions you may have below!


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