Whenever April rolls around the first thing that pops into my head is Coachella! This weekend kicks off the festival, as excited as I am you would think I was going.

Okay, so how sick is this line up?

I went to coachella back in 2012 and it was by far one of the best experiences of my life. Unfortunately, I can’t make it this year, but I’ll be there in spirit. For all of those who are going for the first time… here’s a little style inspiration & few helpful tips to help you survive !

If I were going my outfits would looks something like this.

I have to try this nail design! 

For those who may not know…Coachella is a three day festival that takes place in the center of Indio,CA.  Which is a not just a desert, but one of the hottest place in the country! When I went in 2012 it was 100+ degrees every day! Without the items below I don’t think I would have made it lol. There were moments where I had to have “several seats” to keep from passing out. It was seriously so hot, but the experience was totally worth it! 

Coachella Survival Kit:

-Wear Sunscreen// No matter what color your skin is, we all need to protect it from the harmful sun rays
-Drink Water// I’m talking boat loads of it! Make sure you keep a bottle with you at all times incase you start to feel faint from heat exhaustion
-Flat Shoes// Although, our fave celebs like Chanel Iman…have been spotted wearing heels to festivals, DON’T BE THAT GIRL. You will be standing for hours, dancing, being pushed around at shows and your shoes will get ruined, not to mention the pain you will be in after a few hours for “trying to look cute”. My friends and I all wore flats and still managed to look cute each day. 536515_10150703219016806_1608701710_n

-Small Bag// As mentioned above, it will be hot and you will be standing for hours so pack light just carrying the essentials to the actual shows
– Positive Vibes// Most people at the festival will be friendly, however there are always a few sour apples that get crazy at the shows. Be prepared , but keep yourself in a positive mindset regardless of the foolishness you may bump into. 

 That’s it guys & gals, for more inspiration follow our pinterest. (link below)

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Comment below if you are going to coachella this year! What will you be packing? Until next time XOXO


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