This week’s “Dream It, Live It Series” features a creative & driven young woman from New Orleans.

feature5Read below to learn more about how she quit her day job and started her own company, “King Me Hair” a line of extensions tailored to match naturally kinky/curly hair textures.

Name , Age, Background, Where are you from and occupation?

Chelsey Smith, 24, I am from New Orleans, LA. In 2012 I received my Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of New Orleans. After college, I worked in HR for 2 years, while getting my own business off the ground. Now I am currently self employed as the founder on King Me Hair.”

Going from corporate america to being self-employed is a big change!  How has the transition been so far?

“Crazy, Scary, Amazing and last but not least definitely a blessing! I thank God everyday for allowing me to realize my dreams so soon. It is a great journey to be on at such a tender age.”


What’s the hardest part of being a entrepreneur? What’s your favorite part ?

 “The hardest part is definitely time management. Balancing work life and personal life is hard. I find myself deeply involved with business dealings 24/7, sometimes I truly have to step back. My favorite part is being so in tuned and involved with my customers. I truly feel that my company has such a personal touch. I feel like I personally know all my customers, I learn about their hair woes and what they are trying to achieve. As a weave wearer I never received such personal service.”

How did you know that the corporate world wasn’t for you?

“I’ve known that as a child. I have never been happy with running someone else’s business dealings. Don’t get me wrong some people love corporate America and are striving to climb that ladder, power to them- everyone has their own dreams. I was always the type of young woman that wanted my own ladder. As a matter of fact I would try to build the ladder myself. I believe the one way I could be happy working for someone is to learn from them, for instance I hope to have my own hair care products. I would love to work within a hair care company to learn – but the end result will always be me working for myself. As long as God is always willing.”


How did your family & friends react when you told them you would be starting a business? 

“It was to be expected. I had been talking about it for so long, always running names by them and harassing them to listen to me and my ideas. Everyone was happy for me!”

Describe how King Me Hair came into existence & How did you come up with the name?

I’ve been wearing  extensions for years and lace wigs since 2007 before it was really big. I’ve always been into weave, as well as caring for and the length retention of natural hair. I noticed that I was doing crazy things to my hair to get it to match my weaves and the beauty supply Kinky hair wasn’t kinky enough.  My friends had the same issues, so I finally begin researching different vendors and understanding curly textures besides my mine. Luckily, all my friends have different hair types and I was pretty in tune with their hair too. So I started to test different types of hair until I found a vendor that I sent photos of natural hair and what I was looking for and we were able to recreate natural hair in braid, extension and lace wig from. As for the name “King Me Hair”, for weeks I had been tossing names around and finally I realized I wanted something unconventional. Natural hair is fierce and attention grabbing like the KING of the jungle. My hair embodied that fierceness. Whether you are natural, relaxed or transitioning, we want everyone to experience that fierceness, hence KING ME”

What’s your favorite product in the King Me Hair line? & why?

“I really cannot choose. I get this question so often. It’s really like asking a mother whose her favorite child lol. It’s like sometimes you might like one child more than the other, but you love them all equally. Ha, I can honestly say I love them all, it really depends on my mood and what look I’m going for.”

 Have you ever had feelings of doubt or fear along your journey? How did you get through it?

“Definitely, I think everyone that is self employed feels that heat, once the security blanket of your 9-5 is gone, it’s really hustle time. Fear, definitely comes into play but with these thoughts comes a lot of prayers and faith in a God that’s bigger than every closed door and every “No” you hear. My faith overshadows all.”


What other goals do you have aside from King Me Hair ?

“Outside of King Me Hair, I am definitely considering cosmetology school or a master’s degree program. My focus is to really be happy and build an empire for my future husband and family.”

For more info about Chelsey & to purchase the hair(shown above) check out the links below.







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