Cecily and I have decided to do a 30 Day Challenge  which means Clean Eating & Sticking to a Workout Regimen! This challenge is just a step toward living a healthier lifestyle. We are excited and looking forward to sharing our journey with you all. Feel free to join us over the next 30 days!

Since our goals are different, our regimens will be slightly different as well.  In the video below you can learn more details about the challenge, our personal goals, our grocery list, meal ideas and workout routines.

Rules: To Join Please Follow Our Instagram & Comment

(with the hastag below)


  1. Take a picture , write out goals, record your weight & measurements on Day 1
  2. Write out your meal plan & workout regimen for the next 30 days(see video for more details)
  3. Eat 3 clean meals each day
  4. Eat 2-3 healthy snacks per day
  5. Workout 5-6 days per week( @ least 30 mins cardio & 30 mins strength training)
  6. Drink only water(infused water, honey & lemon), tea and fresh juice/smoothies
  7. Optional: one “cheat snack” per week
  8. Journal food intake each day
  9. Take picture & record measurements on Day 30
  10. Celebrate your results!

*Optional: These are additional tips that we will be doing 

  • No solid meals after 9 pm
  • No cheat treat
  • At  least one smoothie & multi-vitamin each day

We will be tracking our progress on the WELLNESS tab of the blog. Please visit here for all the challenge updates!

What are some of your personal fitness goal?


If you are planning to join us, be sure to follow us here//




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