Natural Hair Event//”Meko NY- One World Many Naturals Fanfare”

Cecily, Myself & Meko
This Saturday Cecily & myself attended a natural hair event held by Meko of “Meko NY Natural Hair Salon & Spa”.

 The event was amazing and so inspiring. We both felt so blessed to be in a room filled with so many wonderful black women that are living their dreams.

My Look// I went for a more casual look. High waist jeans, crop top and suede wedges to balance out the look. Since the weather wasn’t too cold that day I opted for my light weight army green jacket.

Jacket: Thrift Store $12, Crop Top: Thrift Store $3, Jeans : Mad Rag $5, Shoes: Thrift $15 Bag: Thrift Store Gift IMG_4047[1]
 “Cecily’s look was girly with a grunge influence.

There was hair demonstrations, a mini fashion show, spoken word and a live music performance!  We really had a great time! Check out the video below to see some footage from the event! Enjoy 🙂

(info on where to purchase fashion and accessories is included in the description box)

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