As a natural… well, honestly as a women in general I constantly feel the need for change. I think because I’m a Sagittarius I enjoy the adrenaline of change even more than the average person. With that being said I am dying for a change with my hair. november 079 november 025 fall 004

I’ve been natural my entire life so, but for the past 7-8 years I’ve been really embracing my natural hair texture. I’ve done color, highlights, straight looks, curly styles, afro, braids, and twists. However, I’ve reached a point of pure boredom. I’ve been wearing my hair in two large flat twists for the past two weeks. Although, this is a great way to protect my hair, especially during this brutal winter weather….I am actually sick of it. I’m over doing my hair each week. Styling wash & go’s has even become a hassle. In order to help me get out of this rut…I’ve decided two things.
#1 Time for a new style: This weekend I am getting my hair done in marley/senegelese twists. Hopefully, this will give me the change I’m longing for. I’m planning to leave them in until at least April, hopefully I can last until June. I’m not really big on protective styling so this will be a serious challenge for me. I got poetic justice braids once back in 2010. Although, I loved them I literally lasted one week. IMG_3861[1] I don’t even think it was a full seven days. My scalp usually gets really itchy and irritated after a few days.  However, I’m giving it another chance.  I’ve been feeling super inspired by these ladies.
#2 Color! I’ve decided that I am also going to get my hair colored in a few weeks. Probably right after I remove my twists. I’ve been trying to wait until the weather gets warmer. So I’m thinking at least April. I know that I want to dye either the tips of my bangs or just my ends all over. Here’s a few ideas …
So ladies, What do you think?  I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product!
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