Wellness// At Home Workout Routine

1062212_10151696076330240_1571050871_nLiving a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. I’ve been trying hard to stay focused for the past few months and I’m not going to lie, it’s been a challenge.



Some days I’m energized and excited to get home some I can get in a good workout. Then there’s those days when I’m completely exhausted and watching Netflix movies or surfing Instagram seem to be much more enticing. Overall, I’d say I’ve been doing a pretty okay job since my last fitness post.  My goal is not to only slim down, but I want to get that old determination back. Once upon time I was literally addicted to working out. I want to get back there and I know it’s possible if I continue to push my self. The feelings of confidence and strength that I have after each work out are mind blowing. Not to mention the results, it will be so worth it in the long run.

In the  video  below you can learn more about my at home workout routine, the equipment I use & where to purchase it. I’ll be demonstrating a few of my favorite exercise in this video as well. I’m not a professional yet, so if you are not sure how to perform an exercise I am doing PLEASE RESEARCH IT! I learned most of these exercises by simply researching them.

I’ve been sticking to my at home workout routine at least 3x per week. I take Zumba classes at least 2x per and I TRY to eat healthy for the entire week. Starting this week I will start taking Zumba 5x per week.  Read below for a full list of my at home workout routine!

Complete At Home Workout Routine

1. Jump Rope 30x
2. Squat with dumb bells 20x
3. Jump Rope w/ high knees 30x
4. Hip C twists 20x
5. Jump Rope w/ criss cross 30x
6. V-Sit Ups 20x each side
7. Jump Rope 30x
8. Walk the dragon 20x
9. Jump Rope 30x
10. Lateral Leg extensions with resistance bands 20x each leg
11. Jump Rope 30x
12. Yoga ball crunch 20x
13. Jump Rope 30x
14. Mountain climbers 20x
Repeat 3x Mixing Cardio & Strength Training results is a super intense workout! After I do this I usually do a zumba routine at least 3x if I didn’t make it to class for the day.

This is just one routine I like to do. I usually mix it up daily to keep from getting bored. For more  routines be sure to follow me on instagram. I like to post them there through out the week to keep my followers inspired to get moving as well.

I hope you found this post helpful! What are some of your favorite workouts to do at home? 

Be sure to Follow SewingStardom for more helpful tips and tracks. I’ll be tracking my progress on my social networks as well!



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