Natural Hair// Winterize Your Wash & Go


As of lately I’ve been experimenting more and more with my “go-to” summer style “The Wash & Go. I remember when I first started embracing my naturally curly hair my wash & go’s would look like a frazzled mess. But, after years of patience and practice, I’ve finally mastered a technique that works extremely well on my hair type.

This past summer I started experimenting more and more with this effortless style. You may remember this post that I did in the summer time. Since then I’ve added a few changes to my routine.

Read below for a simple guide on how I winterize my wash& go routine. 20140124-111627

1. Pre-poo(optional) // Using my favorite oil mixture (EVOO & Castro Oil). I start each styling day with an oil treatment. I liberally apply this oil all over my hair. I then spend a few minutes massaging the oils into my scalp using a circular motion. In order to lock in the moisture I apply a plastic cap (or a shoprite bag) to my head for at least 15 minutes.

2. Detangle & Cowash// Due to the cold brisk air, it’s vital that us curly girls keep our hair hydrated. After I rinse out my oils, I separate my hair into four sections and liberally apply my conditioner of choice. For the past few months I’ve been using “Aussie Moist Conditioner”(see review here). No matter which conditioner I use I always check for these properties: SLIP & MOISTURE. Using a wide tooth comb I “gently” detangle my hair from ends to roots while in the shower. After I rinse all of the product out of my hair I loosely twist each section to prevent it from tangling back up. After this step I DO NOT USE MY COMB! This helps my natural curls to form and prevents any unnecessary breakage.

3. Cleanse & Shampoo// Before I style my hair I always use a moisturizing shampoo to cleanse my hair. In order to remove product build up, I leave my hair in the four twists and apply a nickel size amount of shampoo to my scalp. I massage my scalp in a circular motion to remove oil and any other products from my previous style. I then rinse my hair while leaving it in the same for twists.

4. Deep Condition// For the past month, I’ve been using the “3 Minute Miracle” by Aussie Moist. (WHICH I LOVE BTW, full review here).  I generously apply the conditioner onto my while still working in four sections. Once the product is in my hair I finger detangle to help define my curls even more. I then apply my plastic cap and allow the product to sit in my hair from 15-30mins.


5. Moisturize & Seal// While still in the shower; I remove my twists, take a small amount of conditioner (the same one I used to co-wash) and apply it lightly from roots to ends. I smooth the product on my hair in a downward motion. I then take the same oil I used during my pre-poo and apply it in the same manner.

6. Define// (At this point I step out of the shower) First, I take Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie” (working from front to back) and I apply a small amount from roots to ends using a smoothing method in a downward motion. After I do that all over my head I follow with “Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel” applying it in the same manner. 20140121-08341620140121-083428

7. Diffuse//Before I dry my hair I ALWAYS apply a light heat protectant all over my hair. Using my blow dryer on low speed first I start to diffuse my hair from the ends to the roots. This keeps my hair from getting too frizzy. If I want big hair I use high heat and high speed. If I want my hair to be more define and to make my style last longer I use high heat and low speed.


That’s it ladies! My hair has been loving these “wash and go’s” as of lately. I usually sleep with a pineapple or just a satin pillow case at night. I’ve been noticing my hair tends to looks better when I just sleep with it out. Strange…I know.

This style typically last 3-4 days. If I’m too lazy to restyle I will just pull my hair back into two large flat twists. I try to minimize styling to 1x per week. Two times if I have an important function on the weekend.

I hope this was helpful! Please keep in mind this works for my hair. It may not turn out the same exact way on your hair. What’s your favorite winter hairstyle?

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