Beauty// My SkinCare Regimen

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                          Skin Care by sewingstardom

1. Exfoliate// Exfoliation is a simple step that is so important in maintaining clear skin. Exfoliation is a way of removing dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin. I prefer to exfoliate a few times per week ,because as we all know…too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Over exfoliating can lead to dry skin and even more breakouts.  Products I use: St. Ives Apricot Scrub or Queen Helene’s Honey & Oatmeal Scrub 3x per week

2. Cleanse// Two times per day I cleanse my face with Cetaphil Daily Cleanser. This step is vital in maintaining clear skin. I’ve been using this cleanser for the past few months and I absoluetly love it. It’s a lightweight oil free product that is very gentle on the skin. I love cetaphil because it removes excess surface oil without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. This is one of the only cleansing products I’ve every used that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. Products I use: Nubian Hertiage Coconut,Papaya & vanilla soap & Cetaphil Daily Cleanser 2x per day

3. Moisturize// I like to apply a cream base moisturizer like the, “Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer”. I use about a quarter sized amount of product all over my face. This product is thick and cream, but it never leaves my skin oily. It’s the perfect moisturizer for my skin.  Products I use: Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer 2x per day

4. Protect(optional)// If I’m heading out doors I always apply a liquid SPF. Rather it be in my facial moisturizer or in my makeup. Aiming for SPF 30 or higher will help protect the skin from harmful elements and sun rays. Products I use: Maybelline BB Cream in sheer deep tint 1x per day(click here for the review)

I hope this post was helpful! So, what’s your skincare regimen this winter season? Does your routine change with the weather? Let me know below.

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