Welcome Back!

So you’re probably wondering…“where the hell have you been?”.Before I get into anything about hair, makeup, fitness etc…it’s only fair that I explain so…”Let me explain” #kevinhartvoice. 

First and foremost happy new year, merry christmas, happy kwanzaa…and all that good stuff. I’ve truly missed each any every single one of you guys and I thank you for your concern and support, but I needed a BREAK.

Not just a few hours or a few days, but a serious break from blogging, tumblring, tweeting and facebooking…I seriously was getting stressed out and overwhelm with “life” and being so distracted by these sites everyday really wasn’t helping me at all. I was feeling uninspired in my personal life which was translating into the blog. I had severe head aches and overall I felt very drained…physically and mentally.

So, I went ghost…during this “hiatus”…I did a few things to get my balance and mojo back.

1.Read Books: “The bible and Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of The Mind” were my two favorites. I also spent this new free time reading up on meditation, yoga, juice cleanses and countless hours were spent researching. Since, I was on my holiday break from work this was the perfect time to slow down and relax my body & mind.

2. Meditated: Along with all this research I was doing I felt inspired to start practicing “silencing the mind”. In a short period of time I made some serious progress too. I started taking the first few minutes of my morning meditating and opening my chakras…ahhhh just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. Such a surreal experience, which I will update you all on in the near future.

3. Relaxed: I used most of my time really relaxing and doing things I enjoy. I spent a lot of time alone writing and enjoying simplicity.

You may be wondering,”how am I feeling now?”… Honestly, at this very moment I have a hungry headache, but the bagel I just scarfed down should help. Overall, I feel much better. Still not 100% in every aspect, but I do feel inspired to get back there. Starting this week I’ve decided to get back into zumba classes. As well as working out at home on a regular basis. I’ve also been eating a lot better, drinking smoothies and meditating on regular. With that being said I am also feeling inspired to take SewingStardom to the next level. That is also something I will be updated you all on very soon. In the meantime, I hope you guys are just as excited as “we” are. How do you guys like the new layout?(pats self on the back)

We have some very exciting topics to discuss, awesome products to review and much more! So, what have you all been up to?How was your holiday?

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