Fashion: "Fall Style With Summer Pieces"

Maxi skirts, midi dresses and short shorts were staples pieces for me this past summer, but they work well in the fall season too. Read below to see how to transition your favorite summer pieces into the fall season. 
Outfit Details 
Jacket:thrift $15 Sunglasses:thrift 1$ Dress: Aritzia $30
Scarf:H&M $10 Boots:H&M $35 Plaid Flannel: thrift $4
I bought the dress I am wearing over the summer at Aritzia. I found it on sale for $30.00. I love the causal look of the dress, the flattering fit and the sexy cut out detail on the back. Usually, I wouldn’t pay that price for something so simple, but I knew I would get good use out it.  
The key to styling your summer pieces into the fall is all about color, pattern and fit.
  Color: Pulling off the look is easiest with neutral colors
Pattern: Patterns should be muted. By “muted” I mean…You probably wouldn’t want to wear a LOUD dress covered in hot pink flowers in the middle of October… *rubs chin* well some people may, but I personally think  an abstract print would work best as the temperature begins to drop. 
Fit: When working your summer pieces in with your fall wardrobe it’s easiest to work with lose fitting or casual items. Avoiding body con/spandex material dress and skirts will probably be your best bet.
Depending on the color and pattern some may work. 
It really just depends on your personal style. 
I decided to pair my jersey knit dress with my black leather & suede booties that I recently purchased from H&M. 
The jacket I am wearing is originally from Forever 21, but I found it at my favorite thrift store for $15.00.
This army green jacket is the perfect piece that keeps this fitted dress from looking too sexy. 
Key Pieces: 
Over-sized Jackets
Knit Sweaters
Ankle Boots
Chunky Knit Scarf or Hat
*Layering is essential in making this look feel appropriate for the fall. It’s also going to keep you warm.
Try a bright knit hat like Taylor…
Casual Shoulder Bag (Satchel or Over the Shoulder) like the one Zoe is sporting below. 
Over Sized Sweatshirts work well over maxi dresses and shorts as well.
These tips work well with shorts too. Check out this style post from last year for more ideas.
So ladies, how are you transitioning your summer pieces into the fall? 
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XOXO until next time.

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