Style:"Modern Day Clair Huxtable"

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As of lately, I have been completely obsessed with Phylicia Rashad who is better know as “Clair Huxtable” from “The Cosby Show”. I remember being in love with everything about “Mrs.Huxtable.”
“The Inspiration”
Effortless, Stylish & Confident


From her flawless skin down to her perfectly tousled tresses. She was gorgeous ! What I remember the most was her amazing style. Whether she was wearing a dress, suit or jeans… she always looked like the hottest “momma” I’d ever seen! Inspired by her style I recreated this modern version of some of her outfits.
“My Style”
After a trip to my local thrift shop, I pulled together this inexpensive look channeling the imfamous “Clair Huxtable” with a modern twist. I played with bold colors for a fresh look, but I kept her signature hair to add a timeless classic feel. I pulled the look together with fun vintage inspired jewelry pieces.
Let’s Talk Beauty
For a look this vibrant it’s best to keep the makeup to a minimal. I opted for a bright red lip, subtle cateye and lots of mascara.The rest of my face is very bare. Using a creme foundation for a flawless complexion and a matte bronzer, instead of blush to slightly contour my face. If you decide to wear blush with this look opt for shades or brown.
Let’s Talk Hair
To create volume with my recently pressed hair, I used my Caruso Steam Roller Set.
Surprisingly, this was 3 or 4 day old hair. I had literally been working out every day, wearing a bun while at work or the gym and when I took down my bun some how my curls that I created days ago were still in tact. Well, I won’t say curls…but, this wavy, messy, bouncy style works for me!
I think I may straighten my hair again just to get some more wear out of this awesome style and so I can record the process for you guys. Please comment below if this is something you guys are interested in.
Outfit Details:
Sweater: Thrift Store $6.99 
Silk Flannel: Thrift Store $5.99
Skirt: Easy Pickins $12.00
Shoes: Zara $59.99
Purse: Thrift Store $4.99
Earrings: Thrift Store $2.99
On Lips: Ruby Woo


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Photos taken by: @juiceflow
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