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IStyle: Image Consultant

Hey everyone, for years now I’ve been working at building my brand and lifestyle blog  Although, a lot of you appreciate my blog for the hair posts. Fashion is my main passion. I love helping and inspiring you guys through my hair and skincare tips but, ” SewingStardom is not just about beauty and hair care. With that being said  I am introducing a new sector of my blog called “SewingStardom Styles” As most of you know I have been working as a freelance stylist for the past 3 years. I’ve been building my portfolio and my clientele slowly, but surely.
From working on music videos with Nitty Scott, TV shows with Jane B. and creative shoots for various publications. I am always looking for new ways to build my brand.
“SewingStardom Styles” is all about taking my styling services to another level.
* If you are in the NYC/NJ area and in need of a stylist for a wedding, personal shopping, closet revamping, styling tips, a special occasion, a video shoot or any type of creative fashion photo shoot email me at for my rates.*
Stay tuned for the “SewingStardom Styles” feature on the blog. I have a lot in store and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.
Keep in Touch:
@Fatima_FF(IG & Twitter)
“SewingStardom” (YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr & Pinterest)

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