Beauty: Love the Skin You’re In!

“Have you ever had one of those days that for no apparent reason you wake up smiling? Not because of any major event or change in your life, but for some reason you are happier than most days?”
This is how I’ve been feeling for the last few weeks. I feel like I have fell in love with myself for the first time. I hope this doesn’t come off narcissistic or cocky, because that’s not my intentions. 
For the first time in my life I am completely at ease with everything in my life. From my skin tone, my crazy hair and my body. I am not perfect and I am no longer trying to be. I have fully accepted my flaw and I embrace them. I remember when I was younger I hated my body. I hated my stomach, my small boobs, my big feet, my kinky hair, dark eyelids, my chubby arms and especially my dark skin.
From grade school to high school I was always very insecure about my body. I noticed my flaws before I saw my beauty. Being dark skin was hard enough but being dark skin with “nappy hair’ made it harder at a young age. Although my parents never made me feel like I wasn’t beautiful my surroundings did. From neighborhood kids, to other adults, I was constantly reminded that my hair was “nappy” and that I was “dark skin”. No one ever made me feel like it was beautiful or special. Luckily, at a certain age I started to embrace these features. I honestly don’t know when or how it happened but it did. At one point I just stop caring what society had to think about me. 
Now, I take pride in all the things I used to hate. Now I love that I have small boobs, I love my fat nose and  dark brown skin. 
I am truly in love with every single aspect of my body. That confidence shows in my posture and the way I speak. I am no longer insecure or worried about how someone else thinks I look. I am completely comfortable in my skin. I must say that is an amazing feeling!
So, back to my question mentioned above…If you have never felt that way ask your self, why not? 
Why aren’t you comfortable with your “flaws”? Why aren’t you in love with yourself?
If you want to get there…
Practice self love, embrace your flaws,  treat your body right and stop comparing yourself to other people. It’s a process but it’s not impossible!
Until next time ladies XOXO
Please submit all your questions to it’s about hair, confidence, relationships or style send me your questions!!!)

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