Beauty: "5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Braid-Out"

 Over the years, I’ve experimented with a few different techniques when it comes to braid outs. This is by far one of my favorite hairstyles because it is low manipulation style and it requires little effort to maintain for a full week.
Perfect Braid Out

Read below for a easy guide to help you perfect your braid out!

This style is perfect for my transitioning ladies because it blends your relaxed hair with your “new growth”. Even if you aren’t transitioning this style is a great way to give your hair a break from your natural curl pattern. It will elongate your curls and give you more length. Not to mention your hair will be extremely fluffy and soft if done properly. So lets’ get started!
Full List of Products I Used:
Castro Oil
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner
Africa’s Best Organic Roots Stimulator Hair Mayo
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Eco Styler Gel with Olive Oil
Hair Pick
( One of my best braid outs in 2011, I still use the same method)

Step 1. Prep Your Hair (optional)

Starting on dry hair (i.e. old wash & go, twists out or on wash day), take your favorite oil and apply it to scalp using your fingers. Work the oil in your hair and massage your scalp to loosen any dirt or product. Using circular motions to stimulate you hair follicles. If your working with a heavy oil, warm it in the microwave first to make it pliable.This will ensure a healthy scalp clear of flakes and promote hair growth. 

Step 2. Cleanse+ Detangle

Apply a small amount of a moisturizing shampoo ONLY TO YOUR SCALP and massage gently to create a light lather. Do not cover your hair in shampoo from roots to tips that will only dry you hair out. Rinse thoroughly. If you are starting on a old style your hair may be very tangled at this point. Keep calm… that’s what the next part of this step is going to cover.
Apply a large amount of your favorite conditioner from roots to ends. Using you afro pick to remove all tangles and knots from your hair. I prefer to work in small sections starting from the back to prevent breakage. Check out my “Detangling Video” to see how I do that. Once each section is detangled, rinse and move on to step 3.

Step 3. Deep Condition (optional)

I prefer to deep condition after I shampoo to prevent dryness but, this is an optional step. If I am not using shampoo I typically skip this step.
Apply a large amount of deep conditioner from roots to ends. Apply a plastic cap/bag for 40mins to 1hr.
Or sit under a hooded dryer for 15mins.
Remove cap and rinse hair with cool water.   
Step 4: Braid and Add Moisture 
*Working in 4 sections to prevent tangles, starting in the back*
Before I braid each section I spray with water as needed, apply my moisturizer and follow with gel.(in that order)
I usually do anywhere between 4-5 braids per section.At the crown of my head I am sure to consider the way I part my hair. A straight part doesn’t look good on my head shape so I opt for a side part to create a “bang” effect.
The key to the braids are to make sure they are as smooth as possible. Your hair should be damped and thoroughly detangled. Twisting your ends will give you a spiral look rather than a straight look. You can use rollers also to create more bounce.

Step 5. Air Dry

Air Drying is vital to the result of your hair. If you choose to use a hooded dryer that is fine, but beware of heat damage. I choose to air dry over night usually between 6-8 hours. If you have thick hair you may require more time to dry.

Once the hair is dry taking it down is very simple but vital to the how long your braid out will last.
Always use a afro pick to fluff the roots. Never separate each braid from roots to ends unless you only plan to wear your hair out for a few days.

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I hope that was helpful! Comment below with questions or thoughts….What are some of your best braid out tips?

4 thoughts on “Beauty: "5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Braid-Out"

  1. I have a slightly shorter version of your hair and was wondering how to prevent shrinkage and what products (if any) I could get ASAP (like from Walgreens,etc.).

    1. Honestly, I put twists in my hair right after I cut it so I didn’t really experiment with products. However, the first time I cut it off I just embraced it. I never really put much thought into preventing shrinkage.

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